Posted: Apr 21, 2020

Happy Tails: April 13, 2020 - April 19, 2020

397 pets found a home this past week!

  • 31 pets were adopted
  • 30 pets left with foster families
  • 205 pets left with our rescue partners
  • 131 pets reunited with their families!


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Posted: Apr 17, 2020

Six tips you can use to calm ANXIOUS dogs during thunderstorms

The wind picks up, the skies darken, and you hear the rolling thunder in the distance... there’s a storm approaching and your pooch has fear in their eyes! Has your pet shown signs of anxiety during thunderstorms? We’re diving into what causes the jitters and what you can do to help them!

Dogs’ senses are much better than ours in many ways and you’re probably not surprised to find that they can sense a storm coming long before we do. They can feel the change in pressure, low-frequency rumbles, static electricity, and as we know their hearing is much better than ours as well. For this reason, your dog may become anxious before the storm even hits.

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Posted: Apr 13, 2020

Happy Tails: April 6, 2020 - April 12, 2020

400+ pets found homes!

This week, we celebrate 400+ pets that found homes! 

  • 94 adoptions
  • 26 pets left with foster families
  • 194 pets left with our rescue partners
  • 92 pets reunited with their families!
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Posted: Apr 9, 2020

What to do if You Find Kittens During the Covid-19 Crisis

Step-by-Step guide on what to do if you find kittens during the pandemic.

During the Covid-19 crisis, we will be limiting our public intake in practice of safe social distancing. For San Antonio residents, if you find kittens that appear sick or injured, please contact 3-1-1...

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