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Adoption Fees

$86 for dogs/puppies
$34 for cats/kittens
*Includes Spay/Neuter Surgery, Lifetime Registered Microchip & Tag, Rabies Vaccination, Flea & Tick Preventative, 1st Round of Vaccinations

Adoption Center Hours

Monday - Friday 1pm - 6:30pm
Saturday- Sunday 11am - 4:30pm

Walk-ins welcome. To save time at check-in, create your reservation here.


  • The last adoption is taken 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Each adoption takes about 30 minutes to process.


Found a Pet?

Found a Dog or Cat in Your Neighborhood? (San Antonio Residents Only)

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is the largest, open admission shelter in South Texas and annually cares for tens of thousands of animals. Because the City of San Antonio has an animal overpopulation issue and with the sometimes hundreds of pets that come into ACS every day, kennel capacity can be limited. If you find an animal in your neighborhood, do everything you can to re-home the pet into a safe and loving home before bringing the pet into the shelter as a last resort.

Our ACS Intake Staff is able to proactively seek the reuniting of a found pet with its owners or additional placement for a pet should its owner not be located. 

We are able to provide this service without bringing the pet to the shelter through online marketing and visibility on our website.  Citizens who utilize this program agree to bring the pet to ACS for reuniting with owner or placement upon demand.  

If you are able to hold on to the pet for a few days, please see the steps below:

  1. Verify City Residency using the following link: http://www.sanantonio.gov/Council/FindMyCouncilMember.aspx. Look under the Municipality section to verify "San Antonio." Please note: the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services can only provide services to residents within City limits.
    i. Residents living in the following municipalities will need to contact their local government authority for the handling of stray pets:
    Alamo Heights, Balcones Heights, Castle Hills, Converse, Helotes, Hill Country Village, JBSA Ft. Sam Houston, JBSA Lackland, JBSA Randolph, Kirby, Live Oak, Olmos Park, Schertz, Selma, Terrell Hills, Unincorporated Bexar County, Universal City, Windcrest.
  2. Please e-mail ACSIntake@sanantonio.gov with the following information:
  • Owner Information (to include: Name, Full Address - must show proof, Phone Number, E-mail Address)
  • Pet's General Information (to include: Sex, Spayed/Neutered?, Breed, Age, Any Observed Medical Condition, Any Observed Behavioral Concerns)
  • Clear Picture of Pet with Minimal Background Distractions 

*Please note: e-mailing ACSIntake@sanantonio.gov does not guarantee placement of a found pet. 

In addition to the above steps, please consider the following the help with reuniting the pet with their owner:

  • Take the pet to the nearest veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or spay/neuter clinic to scan the pet for a microchip. Contact the pet'microchip manufacturer and report the pet as found.
  • Using the Finding Rover app, report the pet as "found".
    • The Finding Rover app utilizes it's pet facial recognition software to search all of the citizens who have reported a "lost" pet.
  • Reach "Lost Dogs of Texas" on Facebook to create a free flyer for the "found" pet and post on social media
  • Post flyers in your neighborhood.
  • Check any of the surrounding shelters in the area to see if they have space for the pet.
  • Utilize social media sites such as Nextdoor or Craigslist to advertise pet.

If all other avenues have been exhausted, lost pets may be brought to Animal Care Services Tuesday-Friday from 11:00am-6:30pm and Saturday from 11:00am-4:30pm, based on available kennel space. Animal Care Services does NOT accept pets over-the-counter on Sundays or Mondays. City of San Antonio Residents bringing in a lost pet must provide identification and pets must be leashed or in an appropriate carrier. Animals will only be accepted at the shelter if space is available.

IF YOU FIND A LITTER OF PUPPIES OR KITTENS... please make every effort to locate “Mom.” Because nursing moms may try to feed more than usual, litters are often found seemingly abandoned, when in fact, their parent is gathering food. Because ACS often sees this with kittens, this educational video was made. It's about kittens but the info applies for pups too. Before bringing these litters of puppies or kittens into the shelter, observe the found litter untouched for a period of several hours to see if “Mom” returns. 

In order to maintain adequate levels of humane housing, ACS will not intake healthy, nursing Moms with kittens that are under 2 pounds. The varying stress factors associated with a shelter environment is not conducive for maintaining the health and temperament of mom and babies. ACS may be able to provide assistance with food and medical, if you are able to care for and properly contain the family until the kittens are ready for adoption (approximately 2 pounds).  

Any healthy, presumed orphaned kitten under 2 pounds will only be taken in by ACS on a case-by-case basis. If kittens are warm, have full bellies, are alert, and healthy we will assume that the mom is nearby and is taking care of them. The citizen will be asked to return the kittens to where they were found and place some food with them and monitor to allow Mom the chance to return safely. If the food is eaten, most likely, Mom is nearby. If the mom does not care for the kittens in 18 hours, the citizen may bring the kittens in.

Any healthy, unsterilized cat that was found living primarily outdoors will be sterilized, ear-notched, and may be returned to the community. This determination is made by ACS and not the citizen bringing in the cat. If you have a found and are able to contain a known and unsocial adult cat, please contact the ACS Community Cat Program for more information on available options.

*Please note that abandoned pets under 4 months of age and owner surrendered pets have no guaranteed hold time and as such, and may be dispositioned immediately upon intake. 

Found Wildlife or an Exotic Animal (Non-Dog or Cat)?

The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is able to bring in to the shelter owner surrender chickens, rabbits, hamsters/gerbils, and birds, provided they are in appropriate housing and will follow regular current owner surrender guidelines regarding City residency and applicable fees. We encourage owners of these types of pets to bring any remaining food as we may not always have the appropriate food available. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services does not take in stray or owner surrender wildlife (such as opossums, naked mole rats, etc.). Please visit our Wildlife page to find additional resources regarding wildlife and non-domesticated animals.