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Reclaim Your Pet

Has your pet been brought in to Animal Care Services?

We understand a missing pet can be stressful. Please review the following information to help facilitate the speediest reunion. Due to the large number of animals, pets may only be held 3 days or less after intake. 

  1. If you believe your pet has been brought to Animal Care Services, please  make an appointment to come down to our shelter as soon as possible. You are the best identifier of your pet. 
  • San Antonio Animal Care Services is located at 4710 State Highway 151, San Antonio, TX 78227.
  • Appointments can be made at: saacs.info/bookservices

2. Search for your lost pet

  • You can also check our online search. Do not select any parameters, other than dog or cat, for the search to assure you see all of the pets in our care. If you locate your pet through the above link, note the ID number (6 digit number beginning with an “A”) and the timeline listed to reclaim before the stray hold ends.  
  • The online search is updated frequently so if you were unable to locate your pet through the online search, keep checking often and /  come down to the shelter. 
  • Animal Care Services is a high-volume intake shelter and may have pets that look very similar. We have found that in order to successfully and accurately identify your pet within the is to come down to the shelter in person. 

3. Once your pet has been located through our online search or by walking through the shelter 

  • Note the ID number (6 digit number beginning with an “A”) and the timeline listed to reclaim before the stray hold ends. 

4. Check in with a Customer Service Representative in the Front Lobby of the administration building during regular business hours to pay any applicable reclaim fees and begin the reclaim process.

Requirements to Reclaim

  • Proof of ownership through pictures and/or medical records before the end of the stray hold. 
  • Government issued picture ID (the person reclaiming must be the owner on record).
    • If your pet is chipped, the registered owner must be present to process the reclaim. 
  • Fulfill all fees associated with the reclaim. 


Please be aware there may be a fee associated with picking up your pet from Animal Care Services as the shelter provides vaccinations, food, water and shelter to all animals brought in. Any owner reclaiming an impounded animal shall, before the animal will be released, pay impoundment, boarding, vaccination, and microchip fees as follows and as listed in the ACS Fee Schedule.

Please Note: A veterinarian must be on campus at time of owner reclaim in order for you to take your pet home if a rabies needs to be administered.. If a veterinarian is not on campus at time of reclaim, pet owner may be asked to return to ACS at a later time when a veterinarian is available.

Reclaim Fees

  • Impound Fee
  • 1st time impounded: $50
  • 2nd time impounded: $100
  • 3rd time impounded: $150
  • 4th and subsequent times impounded: $200

If the animal is being held for observation because it has bitten someone or another animal, the impoundment fee shall be as follows:

  • 1st time impounded: $75
  • 2nd time impounded: $100
  • 3rd time impounded: $200
  • 4th and subsequent times impounded: $200


  • Regular impoundments is $10 per day. 
  • If your pet is being held for observation due to a bite or scratch to someone or another animal the boarding is $20 per day.


To maintain shelter health, all pets are vaccinated upon intake and owners reclaiming their pet are subject to the vaccinations fees above if not shown to be up to date. 

  • Rabies Vaccination: $12
  • No dog or cat shall be released from the animal care facility without the owner presenting proof that the dog or cat has had a rabies shot within the past twelve (12) months. An owner of any dog or cat who cannot provide proof of said rabies vaccination shall be subject to a fee of twelve dollars ($12) for rabies vaccination for each dog or cat. A rabies shot may only be administered if a licensed veterinarian is on campus at the time of vaccination.
  • DHPP (dogs) / FVRCP (Cats) $8
  • Bordatella (Dogs): $6

Microchip $5

  • Microchipping your pet greatly increases the likelihood of their returning to you if they are lost. In accordance with City law, Animal Care Services requires all pets released back to their owners be microchipped. A microchip fee of $5 will also be assessed which includes lifetime registration.

Sterilization of Impounded Pets Requirement

  • Pursuant to Chapter 5, Section 5-156, Animal Care Services shall conditionally release an unsterilized dog or cat with the requirement that the owner sterilize the dog or cat within thirty days from the date of conditional release. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in citations and court appearances.