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Use our ICRIP map to locate your property. If your property lies within the shaded blue area, you meet the location requirement.

Properties within the shaded area of the CRAG map also may be eligible for development incentives.

Motels and hotels are not eligible for ICRIP incentives or SAWS impact fee waivers.

Centro San Antonio helps accommodate downtown’s growing residential population, enhance its office and retail market and position downtown as a premier convention and visitor destination. Centro’s “Ambassadors” programs provide goodwill ambassadors for downtown visitors, additional city maintenance and an enhanced pedestrian experience with planters and plant materials.

Properties located within the ICRIP target area may be eligible for a waiver of City fees and SAWS water and sewer impact fees; however, not all City fees are waived under this program. Click here for a list of City Fees. Eligible fees are highlighted in red.

Projects eligible for the Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP) may be eligible for a waiver of City fees and SAWS impact fees, as well as eligible for tax reimbursement grants, Inner City Incentive Fund (ICIF) loans, ICIF loan bonuses and mixed-use forgivable loans. The level of incentives is based on a project’s location within the CRAG. Learn more about the incentives offered in our CCHIP program manual.

The Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) map is defined as the San Antonio city limits prior to 1940, which includes a 36 square mile area with San Fernando Cathedral at its center, Hildebrand Avenue to the north, Division Street to the south, Rio Grande Street to the east and 24th Street to the west. Properties within this area are targeted for development and redevelopment.

The Inner City Reinvestment / Infill Policy (ICRIP) promotes growth and development in the heart of the City, specifically in areas currently served by public infrastructure and transit, but underserved by residential and commercial real estate markets. If you are in a target area and have an eligible project, you could reduce your project’s administrative costs through our fee waiver program and receive dedicated staff support for your development. Learn more about the process and apply now.


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Parking varies based on availability and location. Contact Jonathan Featherston about your unique situation.

Parking citations may be paid online using both the ticket number and the license plate number. Payments may also be made in person or mailed to 401 S. Frio Street. More information is available in Parking Enforcement web page.

Downtown parking options include paid, public and metered spots. Some parking providers also offer monthly passes for those living and working downtown. Parking at City-operated parking garages, parking lots and parking meters is free every Tuesday evening from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. for Downtown Tuesday.

Downtown parking information

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