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In December 2017, a temporary moratorium was placed on administrative approvals of the Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP) agreements. Until further notice, CCHIP applications will no longer be accepted. However, staff will be available to review potential projects that align with current policy goals. Any funding agreement resulting from an incentive request is subject to individual City Council approval.

Contact Karla Campos, Special Projects Manager, at (210) 207-4081 or


The Center City Development and Operations Department created the Center City Implementation Plan (PDF) to help implement the Downtown Strategic Framework Plan (PDF) of increasing public investment, creating a housing finance strategy, coordinating management and regulating development. The plan recommended the City establish a predictable incentive system to encourage new housing in the center city. Therefore, the City created the Center City Housing Incentive Policy (CCHIP) in June 2012.

In June 2016, City Council revised and extended the program through June 2018. Program changes included amending the program boundary, adjusting the incentives to prioritize the downtown core, and requiring all projects receive design approval. Click to view the scoring matrix, which provides a snapshot of the program and revised incentive structure.

CCHIP focuses on housing redevelopment within the Greater Downtown Area – an area that is well positioned for residential growth and for mixed-use development based on an assessment of market momentum, physical capacity for growth, and proximity to areas with established neighborhood character.

What Does CCHIP Do?

CCHIP provides financial incentives for multi-family housing projects in the downtown area. This as-of-right incentive program offers eligible projects City and San Antonio Water System (SAWS) Impact Fee Waivers, up to a 15-year Real Property Tax Rebate (City ad valorem taxes only), up to $7,500 per housing unit in a Low-Interest Loan (2% interest rate, forgivable in the Central Business District) and a Mixed-Use Forgivable Loan of up to $20 per square foot of commercial office space and up to $25 per square foot of retail space.

Does My Project Qualify?

Due to the as-of-right nature of the program, If a project falls within the Greater Downtown Area and meets the density requirement of at least 16 housing units per acre (or 8 units per acre for adaptive reuse or historic rehabilitation projects), the project qualifies for incentives under CCHIP. Please review the complete CCHIP Qualifications for more details.

What is the Process for Application?

Upon receiving a CCHIP application, staff will develop a term sheet outlining project incentives based on program eligibility. Once the applicant accepts the terms, staff will draft a funding agreement for signature. From application submission to agreement execution can take as little as 4 weeks.

Please review our qualifications before applying for CCHIP incentives:

Effective October 1, 2014, a program administration fee will be assessed for all new projects accepting incentives under the CCHIP program. Fees must be paid before a final agreement is executed and before any incentives are disbursed. The program fee schedule is as follows:

CCHIP Monitoring Fee Schedule


City Fee Waiver

$ 100

SAWS Fee Waiver

$ 100

10 year tax rebate

$ 1,500

15 year tax rebate

$ 2,250

ICIF Loan/Mixed Use Forgivable Loan (0.1% of loan amount)

0.1% of Loan Amount

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