Center City Development & Operations Department
COSA Fee Waiver Disclaimer
Program Status:
The application status for the COSA Fee Waiver Program is listed by category
Last Update: October 30, 2020
Affordable Housing
CLOSED - Not Accepting Applications
Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation CLOSED - Not Accepting Applications
Historic Rehabilitation CLOSED - Not Accepting Applications
Small Business / Healthcare
Legacy Business CLOSED - Not Accepting Applications

FY2021 Notice

This year, applicants qualifying under the Affordable Housing, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, Historic Rehabilitation, and Legacy Business categories will be eligible for SAWS Fee Waivers only. Due to budget impacts of COVID-19, City Fee Waivers will not be available for projects in these categories.

Both City and SAWS Fee Waivers are available to applicants qualifying under the Small Business category, as well as health providers serving vulnerable communities.

Disclaimer: Availability of waivers is subject to City Council approval.

To be eligible for fee waivers, your project must MEET THE CRITERIA BELOW

  • Fee waivers will support eligible projects through one of the following project categories: affordable housing, owner-occupied rehabilitation, historic rehabilitation, or business development. These categories are further defined in the City of San Antonio Fee Waiver Program Guidelines. For Industry and Small Business Development applicants, please contact: Economic Development Department at or call (210)207-3903.
  • A project is defined as a development on a contiguous property consisting of new construction, rehabilitation, repair or maintenance of existing structures, or any combination thereof. A project may include multiple structures (e.g. a multifamily complex) or a single structure (e.g. a single-family house). For developments consisting of multiple phases on adjacent or nearby parcels, each phase may be considered one project.
  • Projects must be appropriately zoned for the intended use at the time the application is submitted. Click here to map your property.

The following projects are not eligible for fee waivers

  • Projects over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge or Contributing Zones that result in additional impervious cover (does not apply to residential projects that include at least 75 percent affordable housing units).
  • Projects within a FEMA-designated 100-year floodplain.
  • Religious or sectarian facilities.
  • Surface parking lots that are not part of a larger development or expansion project.
  • 100% publicly-funded projects. This includes bond-funded projects and projects on military installations.
  • Schools, including all public, private, and charter institutions.
  • Hotels, motels, pawn shops, nightclubs, bars, gun shops, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, tanning salons, tobacco/tobacco-like related establishments, specified financial institutions (see UDC Section 35-A101), kiosks, sexually-oriented businesses, and non-permanent structures such as manufactured homes.
  • Projects located outside the current city limits, including the extraterritorial jurisdiction and areas of limited-purpose annexation.

Additional Considerations

  • Waivers do not provide reimbursement of fees already paid.
  • An administrative processing charge of $100 is required to activate fee waivers awarded under this program. This charge applies to each waiver, City or SAWS, or $200 for both.
  • City fee waivers are valid for one year. SAWS fee waivers are valid for six (6) months. 
  • Each waiver is eligible for one renewal at no additional cost. The administrative fee of $100 will apply for each renewal thereafter. Projects are limited to two (2) renewals per waiver type. The total allowable time for a City fee waiver is 3 years under this provision. For SAWS waivers it is 18 months.
  • SAWS impact fee waiver requests exceeding $50,000 must be accompanied by an official SAWS Impact Fee estimate. For an estimate, call (210)233-2009.
  • For an estimate of City fees for your project, call (210)207-1111 or click here for Plan Fee Estimator. 
  • Waivers are awarded to the property/project, not to an individual applicant. All project tradesmen/contractors may utilize the same waiver.
  • Any fee waivers not renewed within 30 days of expiration will be forfeited and the available funds assigned to other projects.
  • Not all City fees are waived under this program. Eligible fees are listed in the DSD Fee Schedule in red text.
  • Availability of waivers is subject to City Council approval and funding availability at the time of use.

For questions about the program or this application, please email

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