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ICRIP Fee Waiver Program
NOTE: The Center City Development & Operations Department is proposing to replace the ICRIP program with the City of San Antonio Fee Waiver Program, which will prioritize projects involving affordable housing, owner-occupied rehabilitation, historic rehabilitation, and business development citywide. The new program will be considered by City Council in November 2018. Pending Council adoption, the ICRIP will remain active under the current guidelines for City Fee Waivers only.

SAWS Fee Waivers are unavailable until further notice.

To learn more about the proposed City of San Antonio Fee Waiver Program, please refer to the summary document (PDF).


The Inner City Reinvestment and Infill Policy establishes priority areas of the City targeted for private reinvestment. The intent of the policy is to coordinate and prioritize public incentives in these areas to stimulate and facilitate private investment. Such incentives include financial assistance, such as fee waivers and tax abatements for eligible projects, and staff support for assistance in navigating regulatory and procedural obstacles which sometimes serve as a hindrance to infill development.


It is the policy of the City of San Antonio and the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) to promote growth and development in targeted areas of the City, as described in ICRIP and reflected in the ICRIP map below. Under the City’s Fee Waiver Program, eligible development projects may qualify for a fee waiver that waives certain City development fees, and SAWS impact fees up to 1% of the total project cost. City fee waivers are valid for one year. SAWS fee waivers are valid for 6 months. Applicants may renew applications within 30 days of fee waiver expiration, but processing charges may apply. All City and SAWS fee waivers are subject to funding availability.


Applications for SAWS impact fee waivers will be accepted on an annual basis for three (3) weeks starting October 1 of every year. As of fall 2016, a new system of awarding waivers was implemented to prioritize projects and to ensure SAWS impact fee waivers are allocated effectively. Under the new system, 50% of available SAWS impact fee waivers will be allocated for affordable housing and other nonprofit projects. The remaining 50% will be allocated for all other eligible requests sorted by category and prioritized by time and date of application.

Eligible projects that did not receive a SAWS waiver in the first allocation in October will be put on a wait-list to be considered for a second round of funding if any additional waivers are available at this time. In April, staff will determine if any allocated waivers have been released and can be reallocated to wait-listed projects. All wait-listed applicants will be notified whether or not their project was awarded a SAWS waiver in the second round of funding. Projects that do not receive a SAWS waiver in the second round of funding in late spring may reapply in October and be prioritized in the first round of funding in the next fiscal year. Please note, the wait-list is refreshed each year.

As of October 2016, SAWS waivers are limited to no more than three (3) renewals. As SAWS waivers expire every 6 months, SAWS waivers can be active for a maximum of two (2) years per waiver. If the waiver is not spent by the end of the second year, the funds will be released and made available to other shovel-ready projects, at which point the lapsed project can reapply if necessary. This only applies to SAWS waivers awarded after October 1, 2016 and is not retroactively applied to existing waivers.

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The ICRIP Fee Waiver Program is currently accepting applications for City fee waivers. 

NOTE: Changes to ICRIP will be considered by City Council in November 2018. 

Applications for SAWS Impact Fee Waivers are not being accepted until further notice

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