Center City Development & Operations Department
Pay Stations

Parking in downtown San Antonio just got easier!

Pay stations have replaced several traditional parking meters. These 134 solar-powered parking pay stations service multiple parking spaces and reduce clutter on streets and sidewalks. In addition, parking pay stations accept both coins and debit/credit cards and provide customers with a receipt for every transaction.

Why a parking pay station?

  • Accepts coins, credit and debit cards
  • Automated kiosk replaces multiple parking meters
  • Provides customer receipts
  • Communicates in English and Spanish
  • Can use mobile parking app
    • Note: Does not allow the transferring of one location to another.
      For example, if you park at a specific location and have time on the app for your metered session, it will not transfer. Paper and e-receipts are location specific. Parking in a pay-station without a unique session or receipt may result in a citation.


For questions on how to use the new parking pay stations, contact our Parking Division at 210.207.8266.