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Building Standards Board (BSB)

Office Location

  • Physical Address
  • Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center
  • Development Services Department Map
  • 1901 South Alamo Street
  • San Antonio, TX 78204

  • Mailing Address
  • ATTN: Code Enforcement Services
  • P.O. Box 839966
  • San Antonio, TX 78283-3966


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Key Staff

  • Amin Tohmaz
    Asst. Director Field Services
  • Danny Liguez Contact Danny Liguez
    Development Services Mgr.
  • Phil Laney Contact Phil Laney
    Sr. Special Projects Manager

About the building standards board

The Building Standards Board is a quasi-judicial board established to hear appeals to and violations of the San Antonio Property Maintenance Code and summary abatement appeals. The board also rule on cases and can order the repair or demolition of a structure at the owner’s expense. 

Property Maintenance

Unoccupied or ruined structures can attract vagrants, illegal activity, rodents and/or snakes. If these structures haven’t been maintained, they can also be on the verge of collapse, which is dangerous for surrounding neighbors and residents.  When deemed necessary, a public hearing may be held before the Building Standards Board to determine if a property is in need of abatement.  If the Building Standards Board determines codes were violated, property owners could face civil penalties.

Property owners can appeal a property maintenance code violation to the Building Standards Board. Appeals must be based on a claim that the true intent of the code has been incorrectly interpreted or does not apply and/or there is a special individual reason that makes the strict letter of the code impractical.  The appellant can offer an alternative proposal that meets the intent and purpose of the Code and does not lessen health, life, and fire safety requirements.  All appeals must be filed no later than ten business days after the notice of violation was served.  

Meeting Schedule

The Building Standards Board meets every Thursday, except on any fifth Thursday. The meeting is held in the Board Room located at 1901 S. Alamo. When a meeting is called, notice with time and location will be posted to the City’s website. Meetings start at 9 a.m. Special meetings are called as needed. For information on the Building Standards Board meetings, please contact Judy Croom. All meetings are open to the public.


The Building Standards Board is a citizen-based board and has 14 members appointed by City Council: two panels of seven members each.