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Permits and licenses are available for various properties. To explore the regulations and rules for each section, select a tab below.

Absentee Property Owner registration

An absentee property owner is a person with legal possession of a one-family or two-family (duplex) dwelling, who resides outside of Bexar County, Texas. Post Office Boxes are not accepted as proof of residency. An absentee property owner is subject to the registration requirement when a second code violation is identified on the subject property within a 12-month period. Absentee property owners without code violations or with only one code violation per 12-month period are not affected.

List of properties identified (PDF)

Registration requirements (for each property) include:

  • Complete/submit the Absentee Property Owner Application
  • $50.00 registration fee paid annually for at least two years
  • Designation of a local property manager or agent. Agent must reside in Bexar County
  • Property owner that remain violation-free for a minimum of two years will no longer be required to register with the City

Garage/Yard Sales Permit Program

A garage/yard sale permit is required within San Antonio city limits for all residential garage / yard sales on premises zoned or used for residential purposes.

A permit must be obtained before the start of the sale from one of the following locations:

Permit Limitations

The department shall issue one (1) permit for each garage sale. 

No permit shall be issued unless the applicant has first paid a garage sale operator's fee of sixteen dollars ($16.00) for each permit obtained in person or sixteen dollars and fifty cents ($16.50) for each permit issued by mail. 

Each residence is allowed four (4) garage sales per calendar year per location not to exceed one (1) garage sale per quarter. The fourth (4th) garage sale held by an operator at the same residence during a calendar year is free. Operators must submit the receipts showing payment of the garage sale operator's fees for the three (3) previous qualifying garage sales in order to obtain the free permit.

Non-Profit Organizations Rummage Sales

Register any church, charitable, or non-profit organization with the City's Development Services Department in order to hold a maximum of twelve (12) Garage Sales per year. While non-exempt, you must still purchase the garage permit; however, there is no fee for this registration.

garage sale Sign rules

  1. With a permit, garage sale operator may place one (1) on-premise sign and two (2) off-premise signs with permit decals attached to each off-premise sign.
  2. Garage sale signs posted without the proper permits/decals, in a public right-of-way, are considered abandoned trash and may be removed and discarded without notice by a citizen or the City of San Antonio.
  3. Signs posted on City right-of-way objects such as utility poles, street signs, traffic signs, street light standards, etc. are strictly prohibited and are considered misdemeanor offenses and are pursuable through Municipal Court.

Ordinance Info

Garage / Yard sales are regulated by ordinance #67681 and #98184 of the City of San Antonio Municipal Code.
Violations of such rules are subject to a fine of up to $50 for the first two convictions not to exceed $500 for each thereafter.

Questions regarding garage / yard sales may be directed to Customer Service / 311 System by dialing 311 within San Antonio city limits.

Mobile Living Parks



On Dec. 14, 2017 the City of San Antonio revised the Mobile Living Park Ordinance to address property maintenance issues within Mobile Living Parks through annual and proactive inspections by dedicated staff. Annual and proactive inspections will seek to minimize major health and safety issues that can potentially occur at these locations. The Development Services Department now oversees the multi-department inspection effort and the annual registration of Mobile Living Parks. There is no fee change with this update.

Annual Registration:
Development Services Code Enforcement is the department responsible for issuing licenses for mobile living parks operating within the City of San Antonio. Annual registration for Fiscal Year 2020 ends Sept. 30, 2019. You must schedule your registration and training session. 

FY 2020 Registration & Training Session Schedule – August & September 2019 (PDF)

Applicants are required to provide the following information to register for their annual license:
1. Application 
2. Confirmation from the Zoning Section of DSD Land Development that the mobile living park is permitted (i.e. a Zoning Verification Letter or Nonconforming Use Registration)
3. If septic system in use, a letter from Bexar County Development Services that licensed plumber affirms system in sound condition.
4. National criminal background history checks of owner(s) and operator(s). National background checks can be obtained via the following means: 
- Digital application to the FBI – Recommended.
- Written application to the FBI 
Note: Due to the time required to receive results, it is recommended that applicants submit a digital application (3 to 5 business days upon receipt of the required fingerprint card), instead of the written application (14 to 16 weeks to receive results). If an applicant is pending the results of national background checks, a conditional license may be issued with the submission of a local background check issued by the San Antonio Police Department identification office. Once the national background check has been reviewed, a full license may be issued.
5. License fee - There is an annual license fee of $35.00 for each usable mobile living park site, occupied or unoccupied, as of Oct. 1. In addition to the license fee, other costs may be associated with obtaining the zoning verification letter, national background check, etc. 

For the Fiscal Year 2020, the registration period runs from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30, 2019. Applicants may submit their application material for processing during designated one-hour health and safety training classes offered in August and September 2019. All health and safety training will take place in the first floor Board Room at the Cliff Morton Business Development Center at 1901 S. Alamo St., San Antonio, TX, 78204. In addition, applicants have the option to deliver application materials or submit by mail to the same address. Please include ATTN: Code Enforcement Services - MLP on the envelope of submitted materials.  


FY 2020 Registration & Training Session Schedule – August & September 2019 (PDF)
Mobile Living Park License Application (PDF)
Zoning Verification Letter (DSD Land Development)
FBI National Background Check Application – Digital (Preferred)
FBI National Background Check Application – Written
Mobile Living Park Ordinance - updated December 14, 2017 (PDF)

helpful links

Mobile Living Park Program Fact Sheet (PDF)
Check Status of Complain/Case
What to do when you receive a Notice of Violation

On May 15, 2017 the Neighborhoods & Livability Committee approved City staff to begin meeting with impacted stakeholders to develop appropriate amendments to City Code Chapter 18 - Mobile Living Parks

  • To improve the overall health and safety at mobile home parks
  • Proposed changes to current City Code provisions could include dedication of staff to conduct proactive inspections to ensure that the density of mobile homes does not increase over time
  • Regular inspections of electrical, sewer and water connections
  • Confirmation that the parks are in compliance with the City’s Property Maintenance Code.
  • To improve the overall health and safety at mobile home parks
  • Regular inspections of electrical, sewer and water connections
  • Confirmation that the parks are in compliance with the City’s Property Maintenance Code.
  • DSD and Health will lead program
  • Revised and streamlined application process
  • Possible modification to registration fees
  • Additional proactive inspections for code compliance
  • Clarification of suspension/revoking of licenses for failure to comply
  • Clarification of appeals process
  • Additional violations/penalties for failure to comply
  • May 15, 2017: Presented to Neighborhood & Livability Committee
  • July 7, 2017: First stakeholder meeting, 2:00 p.m.
  • August 16, 2017: Development Services Dept. Boardroom, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • September 20, 2017: Development Services Dept. Boardroom, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • October 25, 2017: Development Services Dept. Boardroom, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • November 28, 2017: Present Recommendations to Community Health and Equity
  • December 14, 2017: Present revised amendments to City Council for consideration and approval