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Charter Review Commission

The City's Charter is the constitution of the City of San Antonio. In 1951, the City of San Antonio adopted its current Charter and became a Council-Manager form of government. The current Charter was written by an elected Charter Commission chaired by Walter W. McAllister. Our Charter has been amended nine times since then.  A copy of the current charter is attached, below, and may be accessed through this link:

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  • Bonnie Prosser Elder (Chair; Expertise in Municipal Law)
  • Drew Galloway
  • Dr. Tom Brereton
  • Patti Radle (Former Elected City Official)
  • Don Gonzales (Expertise in Municipal Finance)
  • Marc Druck (Former City Employee)
  • Frank Garza (Expertise in Municipal Law)
  • Dr. Charles Cotrell (Expertise in Human Resource Management)
  • Dr. Henry Flores
  • Dr. Gloria Rodriguez
  • Phyllis Ingram
  • Margaret Wilson-Anaglia (Former City Employee)
  • Bonnie Conner (Former Elected City Official)
  • Gyna Juarez (Non-Voting Alternate Member)

Charter Ordinances

Documents will be added as they become available.



  • Sharon M. de la Garza (Human Resources)
  • Francisco J. Garza (Municipal Law)
  • Art A. Hall (Former City Elected Official)
  • Jeff Webster (Former City Elected Official)
  • Margaret Anaglia (Former City Employee)
  • Patricia Rodriguez Oliver (Municipal Finance)
  • Francine S. Romero (At-Large)
  • Juan Garcia (At-Large)
  • Debbie Marino (At-Large)
  • Frank M. Garcia (At-Large)
  • John Gilbert (At-Large)
  • Mike Gallagher (At-Large)
  • Richard Perez (At -Large)





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Commission Members

  • Charles Cottrell – Chair, Community representative 
  • Liza Barratachea – Community representative 
  • Juan Garcia – Community representative 
  • Adena Williams Loston – Community representative 
  • David McGee – Community representative 
  • Francine Romero – Community representative 
  • Mike Gallagher - Community representative 
  • Art Hall – Former elected City official 
  • Jeff Webster – Former elected City official 
  • Vacant – Former City employee 
  • Frank Garza – Expertise in municipal law 
  • Sharon De La Garza – Expertise in human resources management 
  • Patricia Rodriguez – Expertise in municipal finance

DownloadCharter Review Commission Members (PDF)

Charter Ordinances


A Charter Commission was authorized by the City Council in 2014, to study and make recommendations regarding provisions that were in conflict with current state law, did not reflect current practices, or were outdated and obsolete.  The Commission met seven times, held two public hearings and invited comments at five of the City Council “Citizens to be Heard” sessions.  The recommendations of the Charter Review Commission, as well as input from the public, were presented to the City Council on February 18, 2015. On February 26, 2015, the City Council approved four propositions to be placed on the May ballot. In addition to the previously approved measure relating to the use of city funds, streets, and rights of way for streetcar and light rail projects, the Council ordered the propositions for Council Compensation, Mayoral Vacancy, and outdated and superseded sections be placed before the voters.  All four propositions passed at the election held Saturday, May 9, 2015.