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Texas is a right-to-work state. However, in separate elections in 1974 San Antonio voters approved collective bargaining for the City’s Firefighters and Police Officers. Since that time, the City and the associations for firefighters and police officers have entered into collective bargaining agreements for addressing pay, benefits, hours and other terms of employment. Strikes are prohibited by statute. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement the City has with the San Antonio Police Officers Association expires Sept. 30, 2021. Separately, the firefighters union has refused multiple invitations by the City to come to the table to negotiate a new agreement.


Note: Meetings are subject to change.

City and FIRE mediated sessions

§ Mediation: In November 2016, the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals ordered mediation between the City and the firefighters in an attempt to reach a new collective bargaining agreement in conjunction with resolving issues related to the unconstitutional debt issue raised by the “Evergreen” lawsuit. Mediation began on Jan. 13, 2017 and was subject to confidentiality by both parties. The mediator declared impasse on April 3, 2017. At the request of the Firefighters Union, the mediation sessions were videotaped by the City and the Firefighters Union. Also at the request of the Firefighters Union, the City worked with the Firefighters Union to publicly release the video of the mediation sessions.

View the City’s recordings of the sessions and the accompanying presentations made by the City’s negotiating team.

Fire Collective Bargaining Agreements

Police collective bargaining meetings

Note: Meetings are subject to change.


In December 2014, the City engaged three independent consultants to analyze San Antonio’s public safety expenses and the potential impact to the City’s General Fund of proposed collective bargain agreements with the police and fire unions and proposed changes to the fire and police pension fund.


Police Collective Bargaining Agreements

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