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  • Physical Address:
  • 114 W. Commerce
    San Antonio, TX 78205 (Map)
  • Mailing Address:
  • Office of the City Clerk
  • P.O. Box 839966
  • San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
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  • 210.207.7253
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The purpose of the page is to list customer appreciation, testimony, and feedback.

Houston Passport Agency
U.S. Department of State
A ranking official from the US Air Force recognized the professionalism and courteous customer service from all the employees at the City of San Antonio, Office of the City Clerk. He was blown away by how helpful and knowledgeable the staff was. He noted how kind, understanding, and thoughtful the service was because they informed each person what was needed and never rudely turned applicants away. When an applicant returned with something needed, the staff didn't make them take another ticket and wait again.
Michelle O.
San Antonio, TX
I was expecting this place to be like the DMV and was in a bad mood prepared for a horrible experience. Surprisingly, it is nothing like that. I love that parking isn't an issue as they have their own lot. I can tell they try their best to run the place as efficiently as possible.
Catrina S.
San Antonio, TX
You are fantastic employees and there just aren't too many government employees who service us so well. Thank you so much for your help and the reminder.
Erin E.
San Antonio, TX
I'm very impressed with the simplified process that is in place and the quick action of employees!
Shawn M.
Cibolo, TX
I had a great customer service today. Very impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of the City Clerk's Office. Thank you again.

F. M.
San Antonio, TX

I came at 12:04. I was finished by 12:50. All correct and complete thanks to the agent. He is everything good about city/government employees. He was efficient while being courteous. Helped when I needed it and never made me feel small in any way. He was helping a few of us at the same time - we didn't need to go back to the beginning of the line. It didn't seem anyone was waiting very long. Can't say enough good things about this office.
Aida R.
San Antonio, TX
Service for passports is super fast. They take good pictures there too... Great customer service, super nice, and very helpful. I highly recommend this place! No appointment needed! They accept walk-ins, not like the post office that needs to schedule an appointment and takes forever.
UTSA Football Office
San Antonio, TX
Your staff were a wonderful help in our efforts to obtain passports for our players and staff. They were very well-informed and meticulous in giving us the information required to request birth certificates and gathering the needed documents to successfully apply for the passports. When we sent our applicants to the office, they were treated warmly and were guided through the process in a timely manner. We were well-accommodated even when we arrived in large groups, allowing us to go about the rest of our day with minimal disruptions. We are grateful for your team taking the time to meet and process our applications. They were always friendly and professional to our players and staff. It is a welcome relief to know that our passports and documents are in good hands. The UTSA Football office will always be grateful for your part in helping our players pursue their goals in the upcoming bowl games!
Kevin G.
San Antonio, TX
Passport clerk was outstanding.
Maribel R.
San Antonio, TX
Just wanted to thank you for your exceptional customer service... You seemed to make sure all was taken care of before I left. Thank you for going above and beyond.
Karen G.
San Antonio, TX
Very streamlined process to apply for first-time passport and have photo taken. They are efficient, very professional, and friendly. I have never had quite this kind of great customer service from a City Office. If you come prepared, you will be out of there in a reasonable amount of time. Took me less than 50 minutes without an appointment.
Martha B.
San Antonio, TX
Nicer than the post office workers. Short wait.
San Antonio, TX
Easy process. Plenty of workers on hand and everything moved smoothly and quickly. Impressed. Less than hour wait with no appointment needed.
Vanessa M.
San Antonio, TX
I came in for the first time to apply for my passport card. It was fast and convenient... I highly recommend coming here to get your passport. It was fast and we didn't have an appointment.
Anne G.
San Antonio, TX
I was in and out very quickly. It was fast and easy to get the certificate I needed.
Dina G.
San Antonio, TX
Wow! Anyone looking to get their passport of birth/death certificate, look no further! This place is on point! Friendly a fast service!!! Very impressed!
Mauricio S.
San Antonio, TX
Best place in town to renew your passport. Very little wait and very helpful staff.
Jesse R.
San Antonio, TX
I walked in at 3 PM and was done by 4 PM to get my passport. The associate went above and beyond to help and ensure I got my passport processed that day with no delay. The atmosphere was extremely friendly.
John W.
Boerne, TX
I have never experienced a government-run entity more efficient, friendly, or helpful.

Monica H.
San Antonio, TX       

The entire staff at the 719 S. Santa Rosa office was extremely helpful, patient, and wonderful at providing direction for the customers. Today was a very busy day and I felt it was important to share that each person I encountered starting with the security guard, passport registrar, person taking pictures, to the person finalizing the paperwork were all professional and helpful. They all worked as a team supporting each other and they each were very courteous in meeting the needs of the people.
Britania D.
San Antonio, TX
I completely forgot I was in a government facility while I was there. The staff were all incredibly polite and I was in and out. My boyfriend needed a passport and it took about 15 minutes. Quick, professional, friendly, and informative. Not one complaint.
Rolando S.
San Antonio, TX
The service was cordial, genuine, and speedy. Great job!
Leticia C.
San Antonio, TX
Best customer service!! The City Clerk's staff was phenomenal. Keep up the good work.
Renate N.
San Antonio, TX
Super friendly and helpful staff, even down to the security guard hanging around. So much better than the post office! They'll take your picture too.
Joanna R.
San Antonio, TX
Great customer service from every employee I came in contact with. Keep up the awesome customer service. Loved how fast I was in and out. Thank you!

Edward F.
San Antonio, TX    

Excellent service, in and out. Greeted with great care and educated along the way of the process.
San Antonio, TX
Everyone was extremely helpful. I almost felt as I was in a privately owned business as a customer.
Vicki H.
San Antonio, TX
All the people we spoke with were friendly and performed their jobs expeditiously and professionally. Thank you!
Michele G.
San Antonio, TX
Everyone was so friendly and helpful. There were a lot of people applying for passports and the Office of the City Clerk processed everyone promptly and with a smile.
Ann H.
Denver, CO
Most painless anything-government-documentation-related office ever! Zero wait for a first time passport application and the entire thing only took 5 minutes. Skip all the post office appointment madness and the one location where people line up hoping to be one of the lucky 35 and just come straight here!
Albert E.
San Antonio, TX
Very fast, efficient, and friendly service. I had a very pleasant experience.
Jose L.
San Antonio, TX
Everyone was very sweet, fast, and explained everything clearly. Excellent service, very friendly.
Emily B.
San Antonio, TX
Very courteous and helpful from beginning to end. #FAST! #FAST!
Kathy G.
San Antonio, TX
The people here are very helpful and very nice and the office was clean and pleasant. Above average on helpfulness.
Kenneth S.
Cibolo, TX
I was in and out in no time. This made my day!
Andy F.
Helotes, TX
We were in and out of this office in 30 minutes!!! Forget the post office! Come here. Very courteous and helpful.
Jessica B.
Houston, TX
Thank you for your time and patience with  me in resolving the issue with my daughter's birth certificate. Your professionalism has my utmost respect respect. Thank you for everything!!
Virginia V.C.
San Antonio, TX
You are a miracle worker! The passport I went and ordered came back already... your magic touch is all it took. Now I need to schedule a trip! THANK YOU!
Amy P.
San Antonio, TX
The Vital Records Division is very efficient.
Christopher C.
San Antonio, TX
Thank you! Great, friendly, and wonderful experience.
San Antonio, TX
Great service, very helpful.
Tabatha O.
San Antonio, TX
Very helpful and corrected errors from another office which saved us time from having to drive all the way to Austin.
Esther R.
San Antonio, TX
They went the extra mile for us by persuading us to complete the form instead of returning back later. They made us feel relaxed and fixed our mistakes. Friendly and very efficient.
Alicia W.
San Antonio, TX
Excellent customer service, staff was professional, courteous, much better than USPS.
Cheri W.
San Antonio, TX
I ordered a passport at this office today. This was by far the most pleasant experience I've had EVER had with regard to the City of San Antonio and/or ordering a passport. Seriously, don't waste your time going to the post office. These people are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.
Michelle G.
San Antonio, TX
Thank you! Great service and very knowledgeable.
Mayumi N.
San Antonio, TX
Awesome, great customer service.
Mary B.
San Antonio, TX
Excellent presentation by the City Clerk and her assistant. The City of San Antonio is to be commended for having this service provided by the City Clerk's Office.
Lizabeth T.
San Antonio, TX
Excellent and quick passport service and the clerk was very respectful.
Marco J.
San Antonio, TX
Staff was very helpful and friendly.
Molly S.
Laredo, TX
They were very nice, pleasant, and competent employees.
San Antonio, TX
I did not expect the passport service to be so fast and courteous, awesome staff.
Hernandez Family
San Antonio, TX
Thank you so much for being so helpful, outstanding service.
Nancy McLarry,
President of Genealogical
Society of Kendall County
The Municipal Archives & Records Presentation to the Genealogical Society of Kendall County was very interesting - loved it. Leticia M. Vacek was a guest speaker at the Genealogical Society of Kendall County Meeting. Leticia presented a PowerPoint on the maintenance and preservation of records.
Janice T.
San Antonio, TX
Very nice and knowledgeable... made our experience a positive one, thank you!
Raymond G.
San Antonio, TX
I had a great experience with the Passport Division, I like their knowledge, speed, and kindness.
Frank P.
San Antonio, TX
I cannot adequately express our delight to have met and spent the time with you wonderful public servants today. You are making a significant mark on the quality of our fantastically historic city. It is so refreshing to have "discovered" you today.

Chris W.
Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK  

The maps you provided are absolutely beautiful, thank you.
Craig P.
Omaha, NE
Thank you ever so much, I made the connection to our family and it has made a lot of family members happy... Thank you!! The information provided was for Mayor J. Edwin Kuykendall.
Jerry T.
Fort Worth, TX
Thank you so much for your assistance in researching my distant relatives living in Bexar County. You gave me the "know how" to use the data available online. Thank you for your special tour of the Municipal Archives & Records Facility and thanks for your dedication to preserving history for future generations.
Patrick C.
San Antonio, TX
These folks will process passport applications for you. They know what they are doing, I didn't have to make an appointment, and I didn't have to wait. They were even friendly. You won't believe that you are in a government office... If you need a passport, don't waste your time at a post office. Just go here.