City Council Meetings


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283

Physical Address
115 Plaza de Armas, 2nd Floor
San Antonio, TX 78205

Office Line: 210.207.7040 or
the individual numbers can be found on each District page

Monday - Friday, 7:45 - 4:30 pm

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  • Emily B. McGinnContact Assistant to the City Council
    Assistant to City Council
  • Fatima El KhouryContact the Executive Assistant
    Executive Assistant
  • Mary E. Ruiz
    Interim CCPF Coordinator
  • Bertha Cardona
    Senior Customer Representative

City Council meets weekly on Thursdays, except for the fourth week of the month. Thursday “A session” meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. in the City Council Chambers on the first floor of the Municipal Plaza Building, located at 114 W. Commerce St. In addition, City Council meets on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. for “B session” meetings, which allow for detailed staff presentations on policy issues. Meetings may be rescheduled due to holidays or special events. Generally, no meetings are held in July to allow staff to devote time to producing the City’s annual budget.

All “A session” and “B session” meetings are open to the public, in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. In general, no action is taken at “B session” meetings. Council may meet in closed executive session for consultation concerning attorney-client matters, real estate, economic development, litigation, contracts, personnel or security matters.

On occasion, the Council may be called in to a special meeting by the City Clerk upon written request of the Mayor, City Manager or three members of the City Council. The Council may also meet at locations other than City Hall for specific public hearings or informal work sessions. Notice and agenda for all regular and special meetings are posted publicly at City Hall and online at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.

To ensure that a quorum (at least six members) is present, each City Council meeting begins with roll call by the City Clerk. The Mayor then calls the meeting to order. Following an invocation, the Pledge of Allegiance, and approval of past meeting minutes, councilmembers may recognize audience members and make announcements of general interest. City Council begins the official business of the meeting agenda by considering individual agenda items, followed by consent agenda Items. Items for individual consideration are designated for the beginning of the agenda and often merit a detailed staff presentation. Consent items include routine items such as the purchase of equipment and supplies, capital improvements, or other similar items. Councilmembers may "pull" consent items for individual discussion, staff presentation and an individual vote. During the meeting, time-certain items, including public hearings may be conducted and considered at their posted times or as soon as possible thereafter.

At any time during the meeting, the City Council may recess into executive session in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act. Council may also recess for lunch break and continue consideration of outstanding items on the agenda.

Public Comment is your opportunity to address your City of San Antonio elected officials directly about issues that are important to you and your community. Whether you comment online, address City Council virtually at a Wednesday Public Comment session, or speak on a specific agenda item at a Thursday morning A Session, your voice is important and will be heard.

Members of the public can sign up online to speak before the San Antonio City Council. To sign-up, please go to If eComment is available for a meeting, an eComment link will be present. Here you will be able to access the Public Comment page to review written comments submitted by others, create a profile to submit your own comments, and/or register to speak on an item. Be sure to check the agenda to see how you can engage. Please note that if you are registering to speak at a virtual meeting, your profile must include a telephone number.

Written comments will be accepted from the time the agenda is posted right up until the meeting start time. Your comments will be distributed to the Elected Officials and will become part of the official written public record.

Members of the public wishing to speak during the meeting must register thirty (30) minutes prior to the posted meeting time. Individuals are given up to three (3) minutes to speak. Organizations have a total of nine (9) minutes to speak if three (3) representatives are registered and waiting in phone queue for name to be called. However, the Mayor or Presiding Officer may reduce this time at his/her discretion.

Any content that the public would like to present while they speak during City Council MUST be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the meeting. Please contact Government & Public Affairs at 210.207.7236 to coordinate.

¡eComment hace que sea más fácil paticipar!

El comentario público es su oportunidad de dirigirse directamente a los funcionarios electos de la ciudad de San Antonio sobre temas que son importantes para usted y su comunidad. Ya sea que comente en línea, se dirija virtualmente al Concilio Municipal en una sesión de comentarios públicos el miércoles o hable sobre un tema específico de la agenda en una sesión A del jueves por la mañana, su voz es importante y será escuchada.

Los miembros del público pueden inscribirse en línea para hablar ante el Ayuntamiento de San Antonio. Para registrarse, vaya a Si eComment está disponible para una reunión, habrá un enlace de eComment. Aquí podrá acceder a la página de Comentarios públicos para revisar los comentarios escritos enviados por otros, crear un perfil para enviar sus propios comentarios y / o registrarse para hablar sobre un tema. Asegúrese de consultar la agenda para ver cómo puede participar. Tenga en cuenta que si se está registrando para hablar en una reunión virtual, su perfil debe incluir un número de teléfono.

Se aceptarán comentarios escritos desde el momento en que se publique la agenda hasta la hora de inicio de la reunión. Sus comentarios se distribuirán a los funcionarios electos y pasarán a formar parte del registro público escrito oficial.

Los miembros del público que deseen hablar durante la reunión deben registrarse treinta (30) minutos antes de la hora de reunión publicada. A los individuos se les dara tres (3) minutos para hablar. Las organizaciones tienen un total de nueve (9) minutos para hablar si tres (3) representantes están registrados y esperando en linea del teléfono para que se llame a su nombre. Sin embargo, el alcalde o el oficial que preside puede reducir el tiempo a su discreción.

Cualquier contenido que el público quiera presentar mientras habla durante el Concejo Municipal DEBE presentarse al menos 24 horas antes de la reunión. Comuníquese con Asuntos Públicos y Gobierno al 210.207.7236 para coordinar.

Si usted requiere de servicio de traducción durante su comentario publico recuerde hablar pausado para que el intérprete en la línea pueda traducir su comentario adecuadamente. Recuerde que usted y el traductor estarán en la misma línea al mismo tiempo. Para más información comuníquese al 210-207-3919.

Agendas for regular or special City Council meetings must, by state law, be posted at least 72 continuous hours prior to the beginning of that particular meeting. For the convenience of all citizens, copies of agendas for City Council meetings are posted on the first-floor bulletin board at City Hall and in the kiosk on the west side grounds of City Hall. The agenda also is posted online. Copies of agendas for a City Council meeting are available outside the doors to the Council Chamber one hour prior to a regular meeting.

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