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Published on Thursday, April 18, 2019

District 1 Councilman Treviño announces first-ever residential sidewalk repair pilot program as part of Sidewalk Masterplan

CONTACT: Justin Renteria, (210) 207-0900


SAN ANTONIO (April 17, 2019) - Residents hampered with broken, inaccessible sidewalks can breathe a sigh of relief. Today, City Councilman Treviño and the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department announced a unique residential sidewalk repair pilot program. Although the current City Code requires repairs to sidewalks to be made by the abutting property owner, this Pilot Program will allow the City to fund such necessary repairs through current sidewalk savings in City Council District 1.


Much like the Pothole Repair Program, the District 1 Sidewalk Repair Program will effectively repair broken and impassible sections of sidewalks in neighborhoods where they limit mobility for pedestrians. 


“District 1 contains some of the oldest infrastructure in the city,” said Treviño. “We need responsive programs like the District 1 Sidewalk Repair Program which illustrates how some legacy polices stand in the way of simple quality of life issues like accessibility and connectedness. I appreciate the willingness of City Manager Erik Walsh, Deputy City Manager Peter Zanoni, and TCI Directors Razi Hosseini and Anthony Chukwudolue to support this effort to creatively tackle a concern that has confounded our city for so long.”


Historically, local residents have rated sidewalks as their highest priority through the SA Speak Up community input process. To solve the demand for sidewalk improvements, both sidewalk repair and gap-fill must be addressed.


Recently, Treviño presented on this program along with the Sidewalk Masterplan Initiative to the San Antonio Mobility Coalition (SAMCo), a group who has successfully secured billions of dollars in funding for multi-modal transportation solutions for the San Antonio area. Ad Hoc Sidewalk Committee Chair Jim Campbell and President & CEO Victor Boyer wrote in support for each initiative in a recent letter dated April 9, 2019.


“SAMCo commends your efforts and those of the City of San Antonio TCI department in developing a Sidewalk Masterplan and your willingness to implement this initiative in District 1 to increase the number of sidewalks with the funds available. If successful, your model could become the basis for similar action throughout the City.”


District 1 and the City Auditor completed a study of sidewalk spending, and found that fewer than 30% of dedicated sidewalk funds went towards sidewalk construction.


“Our residents expect their sidewalks to be intact, connected and accessible and their tax dollars to be well-spent,” said Treviño. “This program checks both of those boxes, and I look forward to advocating for the expansion of this effort in the upcoming 2020 budget.”


The repair program will be funded with District 1 cost savings and is set to roll out soon in District 1 only.


More on the Sidewalk Master Plan:
Through the Budget and Bond processes, the City of San Antonio is working to fill sidewalk gaps and totaling over 1,900 miles. Councilman Treviño has been working with TCI on creating a Sidewalk Master Plan that would provide a framework to close that gap in ten years through design which reduce the expenditure of sidewalk funds on non-essential items such as driveways, retaining walls, curbs, and landscaping. Furthermore, the program will look to reduce street width to accommodate wider sidewalks while adjusting designs around trees and utility poles.

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