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City Hall
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
Office Line: 210.207.7278

Claude Black Community Center Field Office
2805 E. Commerce
San Antonio, TX 78203
Field Office Line: 210.207.0950

Rittiman Field Office
4351 Rittiman Road
San Antonio, TX 78218
Field Office Line: 210.207.0970

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  • Susy Romero
    Director of Communications
  • Jarvis Soileau
    Director of Constituent Services
  • Charles Mazuca
    Zoning & Policy Advisor
  • Guadalupe Curiel
    Sr. Executive Secretary
  • Ryan Garza
    Rittiman Field Office Constituent Services
  • Maribel Garcia
    Rittiman Field Office Constituent Services
  • Matt Gilbert
    Rittiman Field Office Constituent Services
  • Sydell Brooks
    Claude Black Field Office Constituent Services
  • Danette Brown
    Senior Outreach Coordinator

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