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Published on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Public Safety Chair, Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw, calls for action in light of recent gun violence

Contact: Celeste Alana Brown


SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 20, 2018) - “Less than a week after the devastating act of domestic terrorism committed in Parkland, Florida where 17 students and teachers were killed in a mass shooting, there was a shooting right here in San Antonio outside of a restaurant where five were shot, including a 6 year old. Just this morning, a 7th grader shot himself at his middle school in Massillon, Ohio. Only 3 months ago - right here in our backyard in Sutherland Springs, 27 church goers were shot and killed in yet another act of domestic terrorism. The list of senseless shootings is endless. 

We should not be hearing the same, tired rhetoric every time there is a shooting. Thoughts and prayers alone will not keep automatic rifles out of the hands of murderers. Thoughts and prayers alone will not close the loopholes that currently allow domestic violence offenders and mentally unsound individuals to purchase guns. Thoughts and prayers alone won’t bring peace to families that have suffered loss due to gun violence. 

I am a man of God that understands the power of prayer, but the bible itself says that faith without works is dead. Prayer must be accompanied by action. The fact that Congress won’t even give room for a conversation on common sense gun legislation is beyond frustrating. The families of victims deserve justice; the survivors of shootings deserve justice. This is not an issue of left versus right, this is not an issue of being pro-gun or anti-gun, it’s a matter of human life. 

Without a willing state legislature and federal government, municipalities are extremely limited in what we can do locally to address gun violence. However, as chair of Public Safety, I will never stop speaking up on this issue. 

I thank Congress members like Congressman Lloyd Doggett and Congressman Joaquin Castro for continually calling for a moment of action, asking that their colleagues consider common-sense gun safety legislation. I demand that other Congress members do far more than just send their thoughts and prayers. These families deserve action. Our Nation deserves action.”

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