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Due to COVID-19 our downtown office will continue to be virtual, not having face-to-face walk-in services at this time. The District Field office location will now be open to the public in a limited capacity offering face-to-face constituent walk-ins. We will continue practicing physical distancing and members of public seeking assistance are still required to wear a face covering when doing so. Masks are available at the location for individuals needing them and all walk-ins are required to temperature checks upon entering. The entire staff will be available during regular hours Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM as well as via email, phone and will be using video-conferencing capabilities when appropriate. You can also contact our team via email or phone through the staff directory to set up a scheduled appointment to speak with staff.

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Legacy Leadership group

As a member of D3 LLI, students will benefit by getting an inside look at the key institutions and demographics of District 3. They will have the opportunity to work directly with some of the city’s experts exploring themes and topics in a variety of areas such as: entrepreneurship, civic engagement, social responsibility, local government, education, career exploration/mentoring, and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The interactive sessions will be led by local leaders in order to network with D3 LLI members and build upon their existing knowledge, experience, and skills. They will get behind the scenes look at local government, meet local officials, and make connections with other students residing in District 3 and D3 LLI alumni. Your nominee is based upon their demonstrated academic achievements, leadership potential, dependability, and an overall interest in serving the community. Please note that spots are limited for the 2020-2021 D3 LLI program and we ask that you select students who you know will be able to commit fully to the program.

Interactive sessions will be led by local leaders in order to develop your own knowledge, experience, and skills. You will get behind the scenes look into local government, meet local elected officials, and connect with other students residing in District 3. D3 LLI sessions will be held once a month on Saturdays and attendance at all sessions and D3 LLI related events are mandatory. Please verify that you have no other commitments on these dates. Attached you will find a commitment form and both the class dates and specific topics that will be covered throughout the program. As D3 LLI members you will have the opportunity to leave your mark in the district and pave a path for future young leaders.

We look forward to your contributions to District 3 and to the legacy they will leave in our community.


Rebecca J. Viagran signature

Rebecca J. Viagran
Councilmember, District 3

Should you have any inquiries regarding D3 LLI, Sal Valdez can be reached at 210.207.0969.


The overall purpose of the D3 LLI program is to educate and introduce the future young leaders in District 3 to a network of community leaders in order to cultivate education, knowledge, and exposure to civic engagement.

Each session serves to educate youth about civic engagement and serves as an overall learning experience about District 3 and the key institutions it fosters. In addition, this program aims to provide you with opportunities to network with local officials and your peers. It will allow you to build on your existing leadership qualities, broadened your network circle, and allow you to explore different leadership subjects that will stimulate your interest in civic engagement. This program cannot serve its purpose without your full commitment and participation. 

The dates have been set and only the locations are to be determined, all of which will be within District 3. Given that the dates are set, we expect and require that you will attend each session and D3 LLI related events as seen on the schedule. We understand unexpected events occur and we ask that you give us at least 1 week in advance notice if you cannot make a session or related event. 

Given the mission of this program and the importance each session is towards your success, we will only excuse you from one session that is a non-emergency. The consequences of more than one non-emergency excuse will potentially lead to a temporary suspension from the program. 

This program was created for you and we are very excited to see you grow and develop as a future young leader of District 3.


As a member of D3 LLI, you will:

Make Connections

Meet and work with other students with similar interests throughout District 3 and D3 LLI alumni.

Inside Look

Discover new events and plans in the city and learn about your community with the demographics of District 3.


Learn about leadership roles in the areas of entrepreneurship, civic engagement, social responsibility, local government, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


Connect with organizations; learn about their initiatives and how their resources impact the community.


Students must submit a 250-500 word biography describing themselves, their strengths, and what they envision for the future of District 3. They must also include information on how this leadership initiative can inspire their involvement in the local and city community. Their biography and commitment form can be attached in the form

Should you have any inquiries regarding D3 LLI, Sal Valdez can be reached at 210.207.0969.


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