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151/410 Interchange

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) broke ground on an $81.8 million project to add two direct connectors to the interchange of Texas Highway 151 and Interstate 410 on the northwest side of San Antonio.

This project is funded by Proposition 1, which was approved by Texas voters in 2014. The San Antonio region garnered $147.3 million of the $1.74 billion in funds generated state-wide for fiscal year 2015 to use to enhance safety, improve mobility and repair roads strained by unanticipated traffic volumes.

The direct connectors being added by Williams Brothers Construction at the intersection of Hwy 151 and I-410 will serve traffic moving from eastbound Hwy 151 to northbound I-410 and traffic moving from southbound I-410 to westbound Hwy 151. 

An auxiliary lane will be added to each direction of I-410 between Hwy 151 and Ingram Road, helping traffic adjust to the new direct connectors. 

Some entrance and exit ramps along I-410 will also be adjusted on this project, which will wrap up in 2018.

Culebra Creek Greenway (Cathedral Rock Park to Grissom Road)

This project will construct hike and bike trails along the Culebra Creek area from Cathedral Rock Park to Grissom Road. This trail will be multi-use and is approximately 1.2 miles in length which includes 1 trailhead, signage and associated amenities.

FY 2017-2021 Infrastructure Management Program (IMP)

The Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) is a five-year rolling program which focuses on the maintenance of San Antonio’s Infrastructure. Service needs are identified city wide and are scheduled for street maintenance, alley maintenance, drainage maintenance, sidewalks, traffic signals, pavement markings and Advanced Transportation District (ATD) related projects.

The IMP provides the City of San Antonio a structured program schedule, potential for additional multiple year contract awards and improved utility coordination. During the budget process for each City fiscal year, the IMP is presented to City Council for approval. Amendments may occur throughout the year due to coordination with utilities or unforeseen conditions, such as inclement weather. The goal of the IMP is to provide the best possible maintenance for the City of San Antonio.


Ingram Road (Culebra Road to Mabe Road) Project

Ingram Road (Culebra Road to Mabe Road) Project

Ingram will be reconstructed and widened to a 4-lane roadway with bicycle facilities. Curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches, traffic and drainage improvements will be added as needed. 

This project is scheduled to be completed September 2016. 

For more updates on this project, visit the Ingram Road Project.

SAPL & Mays Family YMCA at Potranco

Mays Family YMCA/ Public Library

Residents of District 6 are able to access the new Public Library Branch and Mays Family YMCA at Potranco.


The library will occupy approximately 5,000 square feet and will feature books, media, public computing lab with broadband internet, WiFi, laptops for check out, & programming for all ages.

The Potranco Branch Public Library will be the 30th location for the San Antonio Public Library System.


The YMCA will occupy approximately 53,000 square feet will feature multiple group exercise classrooms, a family adventure zone, a multi-generational center, a teaching kitchen, & an indoor swimming pool.

Construction is underway and both facilities are scheduled to open simultaneously in Fall 2016.

The Mays Family YMCA will be the 12th branch location in Greater San Antonio & is estimated to serve 8,000 members.

Mountain View Estate, Phase III Drainage Project

Mountain View Estate, Phase III Drainage Project

This project installed drainage system that ties into an existing box culvert system on Rogers and outfalls into a tributary of Culebra Creek to resolve flooding issues in the Mountain View Estates Area. Project will complement Phase I and II. This project was funded under the Regional Storm Water Facilities Fund. 

This project was completed in the spring of 2016.

New Territories Park

New Territories Park

This Park had general park improvements including trail and security lighting. 

This project was completed in the summer of 2016.

Old Grissom Road Project

Old Grissom Road Project

This project will provide a bicycle underpass through a concrete structure under Old Grissom Road. Mill and overlay roadway from Culebra to Grissom Road. 

This project started December 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2016.

Oscar Perez Park

Oscar Perez Park

This park had general park improvements including walking trail improvements. 

This project was completed in the spring of 2016.

Tezel Road (Culebra Road to Timber Path Road) Project)

Tezel Road

Tezel has been widened to 4 lanes with curbs, bike lanes and a continuous tow-way left-turn lane. Constructed drainage improvements and add or replaced sidewalks. This project was completed summer of 2016.

For more information about this project visit the Tezel Road Project website.

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