City Hall
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
Office Line: 210.207.7044

Centerview Field Office
Finesilver Building
4414 Centerview Dr., Suite 160
San Antonio, TX 78228

Office Line: 210.207.0870

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  • Brandi Peña
    Senior Executive Secretary
  • Andrew Solano
    Chief of Staff
  • Matteo Treviño
    Director of Policy & Communications
  • Frank Ramirez IV
    Director of Constituent Services & Zoning
  • Lisa Petrakis
    Policy Analyst
  • Erick De Luna
    Constituent Services Representative
  • Sean Rivera
    Constituent Services Representative
  • Debbie Dehlinger
    Neighborhoods & Special Projects
  • Matthew Baiza
    Community Engagement and Policy Advisor

Additional Resources

Mowing Schedule The City of San Antonio’s Mowing Schedule shows which areas the City mows and when they are scheduled for maintenance.
Street Sweeping Schedule The City of San Antonio’s Sweeping Schedule displays the City’s street and road network and when they are scheduled for street sweeping.
Bond Project Map Public Works' Bond Project Map displays projects from the City of San Antonio’s 2017 and 2012 bonds.
One-Stop Zoning Map Development Services’ One-Stop Zoning Map allows users to check the zoning of parcels of land and what zoning overlays cover the parcel.
Infrastructure Management Plan Map Public Works' Infrastructure Management Plan Map displays infrastructure projects planned over the next 5 years, including street preservation, street rehabilitation, and sidewalk projects.
SAWS Sewer Projects Map The SAWS Sewer Projects Map shows where SAWS is working to reduce sewer overflows.
San Antonio River Authority’s (SARA) Flood Plain Map SARA’s Flood Plain Map presents the rivers and tributaries that flow through San Antonio and shows which areas are at risk of flooding.