Talent Bank


City Hall
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283
Office Line: 210.207.7086

Igo Library Field Office
13330 Kyle Seale Pkwy.
San Antonio, TX 78249
Office Line: 210.207.0943

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  • Amy RealContact Amy Real
    Senior Executive Secretary
  • Pat WallaceContact Pat Wallace
    Chief of Staff
  • Laura Garza Contact Laura Garza
    District and Zoning Director
  • Noah BarshopContact Noah Barshop
    Director of Policy
  • Erin NicholsContact Erin Nichols
    Director of Communications and Events
  • Beau AndersonContact Beau Anderson
    Policy Associate
  • Kristen StubblefieldContact Kristen Stubblefield
    Neighborhood Services
  • Taylor PuenteContact Taylor Puente
    Neighborhood Services
  • Joshua CastilloContact Joshua Castillo
    Communication & Events Coordinator

As your councilman, I will make sure that we leverage our district’s greatest asset – the talent of our own citizens – to help meet the challenges ahead. It is with that perspective that I ask you to join our District 8 Talent Bank.

San Antonio is a dynamic city on the rise, and I believe that is in large part due to the talent and passions already within our community. People like you and your neighbors have devoted time, energy and money to improve our city, and when we join together, there is no challenge we can’t meet. That, to me, is the power and purpose of government: to help people work together to make our lives better.

Please tell us your area of expertise, your interest or your skill.