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Municipal Court Authority

map The Jurisdiction and Authority of the San Antonio Municipal Court is prescribed by Article 4.14 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and Section 30.080 of the Texas Government Code to enforce all criminal, municipal, and civil city ordinances within the city limit of San Antonio.

The San Antonio Municipal Court presides over offenses which are punishable by fine only.

The court has jurisdiction over Class C misdemeanor criminal cases, with punishment upon conviction of fines up to $500, after which criminal cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Bexar County Court.


The San Antonio Municipal Court also has jurisdiction over offenses occurring within the city limits which are violations of a State Statute.

State statutes enforced at San Antonio Municipal Court include:

  • The Texas Penal Code.
  • The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.
  • The Texas Health Code.
  • The Family Code.
  • The Safety Code.

Magistrate Courts and Authority

The City of San Antonio also operates a Magistrate Court, which informs arrested persons of their constitutional rights and statutory rights, and sets bail for those persons so entitled.

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