San Antonio Municipal Court
Phone Directory and Staff

Judges and Magistrates

These Judges and Magistrates are responsible for the following:

  • Presiding over jury trials, non-jury trials, and plea hearings
  • Administering oaths and affirmations, including oaths to jurors and to persons filing complaints with the court
  • Granting continuances in cases where sufficient cause is shown that a case should be postponed
  • Ruling on motions for new trials
  • Entering the proceedings of each trial in the judge's docket
  • Assessing punishment for contempt of court charges
  • Conducting driver's license suspension hearings under the Safety Responsibility Act
  • Setting bail in misdemeanor and felony cases
  • Issuing search warrants
  • Issuing summons' and arrest warrants in cases filed in Municipal Court
  • Issuing Fugitive Warrants and Mental Health Warnings
  • Granting Emergency Protective Orders, Motor Vehicle Ignition Interlock Orders, Hold-Over Orders, and Magistrating prisoners before commitment to the Bexar County Adult Detention Center

Phone Directory, Judges & Administrative Staff

General Information 210.207.8970
Detention Center Holding Facility 210.207.7535
Prosecutor's Office 210.207.7355
Juvenile Related Information/Services 210.207.7307
Magistrate Services 210.207.7532
Parking Citations Information 210.207.8970
Tickets / Warrant FAQ's 210.207.8970
Honorable Carla Obledo Presiding Judge
Honorable Clarissa L. Chavarria Full-Time Judge
Honorable Lisa M. Gonzales Full-Time Judge
Honorable Daniel Guerrero Full-Time Judge
Honorable Linda Harrison Full-Time Judge
Honorable Dan Kassahn Full-Time Judge
Honorable Melanie Castillo Full-Time Judge
Honorable Margarita Pol Full-Time Judge
Honorable Michael A. Ramos Full-Time Judge
Honorable Peter A. Zamora Full-Time Judge
Honorable Carmen Rojo Part-Time Judge
Honorable Frank Sandoval Part-Time Judge
Honorable Alfredo M. Tavera Part-Time Judge
Honorable Aida A. Zaragoza Part-Time Judge
Administrative Staff

Generally, administrative staff carry out duties delegated by the judge and perform clerical and managerial functions for the court. Court clerks may not perform duties which are judicial in nature. Primary duties of administrative staff include:

  • Custodian of records
  • Processing defendants
  • Preparing cases for trial
  • Summoning jurors

Given the large volume of cases at the San Antonio Municipal Court, administrative staff includes 214 employees who form three divisions. These divisions include:

  • Court Services
  • Records and Operations
  • Magistrate Services

Please review the phone directory for any questions.

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