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Court Appearance

If you were issued a citation and wish to enter a plea of Not Guilty, you must appear in court.

If you were issued a citation and wish to enter a plea of Guilty, you may proceed with the options available in person, online or through the mail.

Types of Pleas

Your decision concerning which plea to enter is very important. You should carefully read the following explanation of the three types of pleas before making your decision.


By entering a plea of Guilty you admit that the act is prohibited by law, that you committed the act charged, and that you have no defense or excuse for your act. Before entering your plea of Guilty you should understand the following:

  • The State has the burden of proving you violated the law.
  • You have the right to hear the State’s evidence and require the State to prove you violated the law.
  • A plea of Guilty may be used against you in a civil suit if there was a traffic accident.
NOLO Contendere (No Contest)

A plea of Nolo Contendere means that you do not contest the State's charge against you. A plea of Nolo Contendere cannot be used against you in a subsequent civil suit for damages. You may download a Plea Form (using Adobe Reader).

Not Guilty

A plea of Not Guilty means that you are informing the Court that you deny guilt or that you have a good defense for your case. If you plead Not Guilty, you will need to decide whether to hire an attorney to represent you. You and your attorney must be present for the trial.

If you represent yourself, download "Pro Se Litigation Information" (using Adobe Reader) to help you understand your rights and trial procedures.

** Information on this website is not to be construed as legal advice.

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