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Administrative Citations
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Service Hours Accepted Payment Locations
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please refer to your citation or summons for date & time.
Payments for Administrative Citations accepted at:

General Information

Administrative Citations are violations of City ordinances and Animal Care Services. For information about these violations, please visit Administrative Violations.

Contesting Administrative Citations

If you wish to contest an administrative citation, you must appear on the date and time indicated on the citation or summons.

Finding of Liable or Not Liable

If you are found liable, a fine will be assessed and should be paid immediately. If you are found not liable, no payment is required.

Administrative Hearing Order Enforcement

An administrative order issued against a person found liable for a city ordinance violation may be enforced by:

  • a civil suit for the collection of a penalty assessed
  • an injunction that prohibits specific conduct that violates the ordinance or requires specific conduct necessary for compliance with the ordinance
  • referral to a collection agency for non-payment of assessed penalties, costs and fees, with the cost to the city for collection services assessed as costs and added to the judgment
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