Administrative Violations

You can review the most common Administrative violations outlined below, or you can view the complete list.

City ordinances (Development Services)
  • 8801A 14-47 Objectionable/Unsightly Matter and Dumping Declared Public Nuisance
  • 8803A – SAPMC Failure to maintain Exterior Property in a Clean, Safe and Sanitary Condition
  • 8803B – SAPMC Failure to Maintain Exterior Property Free from Weeds in Excess of 12 inches
  • 8804A – 10-6 Failure to Obtain a Building Permit
Animal (Animal Care Services)
  • 8810S – 5-109 Violating Animal Limits Requirements
  • 8810Z – 5-125 Violating Rabies Vaccination Requirements
  • 8811A – 5-150 Violating Animal Nuisance Requirements
  • 8811B – 5-151 Violating Outdoor Cat Spray or Neuter Requirements
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