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Domestic Violence

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To facilitate and enhance the prosecution of domestic violence Class C misdemeanor cases and thereby quickly intervene and provide for the victim's safety, hold the batterer accountable, and prevent the violence from escalating into more dangerous crimes.

Program Goals
  • Shift the burden of filing and prosecuting from the victim to the State of Texas
  • Aggressively prosecute Class C misdemeanor cases to enable the Court to mandate Battering Intervention Programs for perpetrators
  • Provide initial and follow-up services to victims and their families
  • Provide victims with referrals for other resources in the community
  • Provide continual training in domestic violence issues for law enforcement, legal, and judicial members of the justice system
  • Educate the community at large in order to reduce the incidence of domestic violence
General Information

View brochures "Domestic Violence: A Personal Safety Plan" and "Defending Yourself Against Stalking".

For further information contact a member of the Early Intervention Domestic Violence Team at

401 S. Frio
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 207-7355
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