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311 Ambassador Program and Call Center Tours

Engaging with the Community

Ambassador Program

The Communications & Public Affairs Department has designed a 311 Call Center Ambassador Program which will provide residents an opportunity to learn about city services facilitated through the 311 Call Center.  The Call Center is located at the Emergency Operations Center at Brooks CityBase.  The Ambassador Program will require attendance for a 1.5 hour class.  All participants will get a tour of the Emergency Operations Center and receive hands on knowledge of the city services facilitated through the 311 Call Center.  Upon completion of the class, all participants will receive a certificate.  The class will be held once a month or as requested by neighborhood organizations.  As Ambassadors, city residents will serve as key individuals throughout the community where they receive information regarding city services and assist the City with sharing  information.

Please contact Laura Davis, 311 Call Center Manager, by email or by phone at 210.206.8904 for more information and to schedule your group for an appointment. Classes are held on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays.

311 Call Center Tours

The 311 Call Center will also be open for guided tours by appointment only. The Call Center will specifically target youth and neighborhood associations who want to better understand the 311 Call Center operations and services. Tours can also provide an opportunity for elementary school students to further develop an understanding of local government services. Youth clubs including the Girls and Boy Scouts will also be invited for tours in an effort to assist with civic knowledge requirements.

For more information on these programs, please contact Laura Davis, 311 Call Center Manager by email or phone at 210.206.8904. Tours are held on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays by request.

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311 Customer Service Office

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