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311 Mobile App FAQs

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Click on the ‘My Reports” button. Your reports will be categorized by those open and closed, which includes a reference number. For more detailed information about the case status call 3-1-1 or 210-207-6000 or visit sanantonio.gov/311 for more info.
To create a report:
  1. Login to the app
  2. Click on ‘File a New Report’ button
  3. Select 'Issue Title'
  4. Set the location, click and drag to the location or enter the address
  5. Click the ‘Photo' button to include a photo of the problem being reported (optional)
  6. Click the ‘What is the Issue’ button and answer secondary questions
  7. Reporter info is required (at minimum a phone number)
  8. Click the ‘Submit’ button and to submit your report.
Click on 'My Reports' button. Your reports should only be categorized as open and closed. If there are cases in Pending, then your reports have not processed due to technical issues. Please call 3-1-1 to submit your request or utilize the web portal at sanantonio.gov/311.
Your phone may not have enough memory to complete the action. Please do the following:
  1. Go to app menu, select 'Setting' app, select 'Applications', then select 'Running Services', to stop any service or app not being used.
  2. If you have a 'task killer' or 'task manager' open and stop any service or app not being used.
Photos have size limits of 2MB. Please make sure your photo does not exceed that size to ensure your photo uploads.


The 311 app helps residents improve City neighborhoods. You can report non-emergency related issues like potholes, graffiti, animal cruelty, and more.

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