COSA ADA Pedestrian Transition Plan Summary

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  • Physical Address
  • Municipal Plaza Building
    114 W. Commerce, 9th Floor
    San Antonio, TX 78205   
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box 839966
    San Antonio, TX 78283-3966
  • Phone
  • 210.207.7135


  • Razi Hosseini, P.E.
    Director/City Engineer
  • Anthony Chukwudolue, P.E.
    Deputy Director
  • Christie Chapman
    Assistant Director
  • Nefi Garza, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Luis Maltos, P.E.
    Assistant Director
  • Paul Berry
    Chief Communications Officer


Provide a walkable community environment of sidewalks and crosswalks that are ADA compliant and available to all citizens.

Crosswalk under construction

Under Title II of the ADA, the City must develop a transition plan where modifications are required to achieve accessibility and the plan must include a:

  • List of physical barriers - HVJ & Associate’s Inc. 2008 & Fugro’s 2010 inventory & assessment of streets, sidewalks and ramps
  • Outline of methods to remove barriers - Sidewalk Strategy document identifies all sidewalk construction methods in the City 
  • Schedule to remove barriers and achieve compliance – City’s 5 Year Infrastructure Management Program (IMP) 
  • Name of official responsible for Plan implementation - Director of Public Works through the Disability Access Office (DAO)

Plan Results/Accomplishments:

Crosswalk under construction
  • Department and City-wide ADA Trainings
  • The City’s Disability Access Advisory Committee (DAAC) adopted Sidewalk Transition Plan’s goals for 2009-2011 
  • Curb ramps constructed in alteration projects as part of Street Maintenance in IMP 
  • Sidewalk hazards addressed as priorities 
  • Formal ADA grievance process 
  • Removal of tripping hazards Downtown 
  • 3-Year Audible Pedestrian Signal Plan in coordination with the American Council of the Blind 
  • Funding Agreement with VIA to achieve/incorporate bus stop accessibility improvements 
  • Local procedures with US Postal Service regarding mailbox (re)installation 
  • Awarded CDBG and ARRA funds to construct curb ramps 
  • Awarded $5.6 M for pedestrian improvements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009 funds under the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Communities Putting Prevention to Work; Category A: Physical Activity, Obesity and Nutrition Grant

This plan is evolving, More Accomplishments yet to come!

Crosswalk under construction

Should you need further information or have any questions regarding the plan, please contact us.

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