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Business Owners Overview

With the thriving biomedical research industry, various military installations and a growing intelligence sector, San Antonio is the ideal place for business owners to not only start a business, but also expand existing ones. Whether you want to lease a space in a new commercial center, construct your own commercial building or renovate an existing one, we can provide insight on both the commercial construction and the certificate of occupancy requirements necessary to open your business in San Antonio.  As an added resource for this process, we have designed a Small Business Building Permits Guide that you can access.

To launch your project you should become familiar with the City’s process which will guide you on starting your business. Since there are often many questions about a proposed project, we encourage you review the following sections that address some key aspects:

  • Site Information-Zoning
    Site Information-Zoning

    When searching for the perfect site or location for your business, you must see what type of zone and the zoning district that property is within.

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  • Applying for a Building Permit

    After you’ve found the perfect property, if you plan to make changes to the building, demolish parts of it, or expand it, you need a building permit.

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  • Building or Renovating

    Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, there are specific City requirements that must be met.

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  • Certificate of Occupancy

    If your building will be used or occupied as a commercial structure, then you need to apply or request an update for a Certificate of Occupancy.

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  • Scheduling Inspections
    Scheduling Inspections

    Before a new Certificate of Occupancy is approved, a series of inspections may be required.

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    Start your search for licensed commercial builders and contractors, professional architects, and professional engineers with a list of helpful website links.

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  • TABC Requirements
    TABC Requirements

    New bars, restaurants, liquor stores or other establishments serving alcohol must have a permit issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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