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SEP-HCP Overview

The Southern Edwards Plateau Habitat Conservation Plan (SEP-HCP) is a tool to assist landowners, the City, Bexar County and anyone conducting non-federal activities with compliance of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The purposes of the SEP-HCP are to:

  • Promote regional conservation;
  • Provide support for Camp Bullis;
  • Involve local stakeholders in conservation planning;
  • Streamline endangered species permitting;
  • Implement locally appropriate and cost-effective permitting and conservation strategies

For additional information on the SEP-HCP Program, email the DSD SEP-HCP Team or contact Logan Sparrow, Interim Policy Administrator, at 210-207-8691.

The City of San Antonio is home to several military installations including Fort Sam Houston and its training facility at Camp Bullis.  In August 2008, in an effort to support the military’s mission City Council approved several initiatives based on the Joint Land Use Study that was created to address, support, and protect Camp Bullis.

 The Camp Bullis final Joint Land Use Study was accepted by City Council in June 2009 to preserve and protect the quality and quantity of the training conducted at the military installation. One of the recommendations that came from the study was the creation of a Regional Habitat Conservation Plan.  The objective was to conserve natural communities while accommodating compatible uses around military bases.  To begin the process of creating a Habitat Plan, an Interlocal Agreement was entered into on November 2009 between the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.

 In December 2009, preparation of the Southern Edwards Plateau - Habitat Conservation Plan (SEP-HCP) was led by Bexar County and began with the creation of a Citizens Advisory Committee and a Biological Advisory Team, both appointed by Bexar County Commissioners Court and comprised of land owners, developers, government agencies, conservationists and biologists to ensure that the plan met the needs of the local community and regulatory requirements of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Environmental Policy Act and Chapter 83 of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code. Subcommittees were also created representing stakeholder groups, landowners, business/real estate interests and government/utility providers. The first draft of the SEP-HCP was released in 2011 and again in 2015 to seek input from the advisory committees, agencies and the general public.
In December 2015, U.S. Fish and Wildlife services approved the final Southern Edwards Plateau - Habitat Conservation Plan and on January 18, 2016, a Joint 30-year Incidental Take Permit was issued to the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.  The permit authorizes a limited amount of “incidental take” of federally listed endangered species within the City of San Antonio and Bexar County.

Email the DSD SEP-HCP Team.


Please note the Boards and Agendas have moved to the Administration Tab.

An Interlocal Agreement was approved by City Council on January 19, 2017, and by Bexar County Commissioners Court on February 21, 2017. Through the execution of the Interlocal Agreement the City and County have established an organizational structure to implement and administer the SEP-HCP.

The Coordinating Committee is authorized to make recommendations regarding actions necessary to implement the SEP-HCP. Committee meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, if needed, in the Board Room located at 1901 South Alamo and start at 2 p.m.. Please refer to Legistar for posted meeting schedules and agendas. The SEP-HCP Coordinating Committee will carry out the goals of the SEP-HCP by making budget recommendations, permit management, provide policy oversight, and develop and administer guidelines for the purchase and management of all the lands in the preserve system. 

The Coordinating Committee consists of six (6) voting members that are appointed by the City and County and currently include: 

  • Melissa Mota Ramirez, Chair, Development Services Department
  • Javier Flores, Vice Chair, Bexar County Public Works Department
  • Rudy Nino, Planning Department 
  • Homer Garcia, Parks and Recreation Department
  • Robert Brach, Bexar County Public Works Department 
  • Ken McGlamery, Bexar County Parks Department




Enrollment can begin NOW for projects shown as all white areas within A.) the purple boundary (COSA ETJ) and B.) Bexar County.  (See Map Link below)

Enrollment CANNOT begin for projects located over mapped Karst Zones 1 and 2 until the establishment of a USFWS-approved karst preserve. (Shown as orange and red areas on the Map Link below)

Enrollment for projects located over mapped Karst Zones 3 and 4 is anticipated to begin by April 15, 2017. (Shown as light and dark green areas on Map Link below)

SEP-HCP Enrollment Karst Zones Map
USFW Karst Zone Mapper

To apply for this program, please complete the SEP-HCP Application.


Please note the Boards and Agendas have moved to the Administration Tab.


“Participation” in the SEP-HCP means voluntarily enrolling a property in the Plan for the purpose of complying with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Those that complete the enrollment process become “Participants”. Any non-federal entity conducting a Covered Activity may seek to participate in the SEP-HCP by submitting an application to the Development Services Department. 

SEP-HCP Application Checklist
SEP-HCP Participation Application

Applications should provide information on the specific property identified by the applicant. Once an application is received the City will review all submitted information and notify the applicant of any deficiencies and request a revision or additional information. We will not process any application for participation without all of the required information. A list of requirements may be found in the SEP-HCP checklist. More information may be obtained by emailing us at

For an overview of the participant application process, please reference the Coordinating Committee Work Session presentation and flow chart below. 


SEP-HCP Coordinating Committee Work Session
SEP-HCP Flow Chart


  The following reports include detailed information regarding the SEP-HCP. 

  - SEP-HCP 2018-2019 Annual Report

  - SEP-HCP 2017-2018 Annual Report

  - SEP-HCP 2015-2016 & 2016-2017 Joint Annual Report