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Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center
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Online Services Overview

We want you, as project planners, to have access to status updates and other resources whenever you need them. Throughout the development process, you may need and want to review and submit plans, apply for permits, check on the status of your plat or plan, schedule inspections and perform other tasks. Many of these tasks can be taken care of using our online system.

You can also sign up to receive e-mail notifications and alerts when permits and other project requirements have been approved, as well as estimate the fees you will have to pay for various applications. The following sections provide resources, lists and applications for you to access as you complete your development project:

  • Go To Contractor Search
    Contractor Search
    The City requires you to work with a licensed and/or registered contractor to develop your project. Find licensed and/or registered contractors in the San Antonio area. Go To Contractor Search
  • Customer Alerts
    Customer Alert system
    Login to your account to receive automatic permit and project approvals and notifications to be sent directly to your email once approved by Development Services. Read More
  • Electronic Plan Review
    Electronic submittals
    Save yourself time and submit your completed plans electronically. Check this section to learn more about electronic submittals.  Read More
  • Escrow Account
    We encourage contractors and developers to open an escrow account for payment of fees on building and trade permits. Go To Escrow Account
  • Fee Schedule & Estimator
    Access the formal fee schedule for each step and/or calculate a preliminary fee estimate for your plan using our fee estimator. Read More
  • Inspections
    Each development project requires a specific set of inspections. Schedule them online so you can choose the best day and time. Read More
  • Online Permitting
    Each development project requires a set of permits. Submit your permit applications online and track their status. Go To Online Permitting
  • Permit, Inspection, and Review Search
    We understand that it is important to know the status of your project. You can check the status of your project by project number, permit number, address, etc. Go To Permit, Inspection, and Review Search
  • Plat Status
    Plat Status
    Before you can begin any development project, you must check on the plats for it. Determine the current plat status for your property. Go To Plat Status
  • Land Development System
    Land Development System
    Reviewing authorities can review Master Development Plans and Planned Unit Development requests using our Land Development System. Go To Land Development System