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Resources for homeowner, business owners, or COMMERCIAL owners

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or in the commercial industry, you will need to review zoning and plat regulations, reference building codes and City ordinances, fill out forms and applications for permits, and other necessary tasks to complete your project. Development Services is here to make the process as smooth as possible for you by providing resources that can help you. In addition, we’ve provided the top 10 reasons the development of a project is delayed, so you can avoid these pitfalls and keep your project moving forward.

As your development project progresses, you may want to keep these resources in mind and refer to this list as you complete each step. Since there are often many questions throughout a project as issues arise, we encourage you to review the following sections to help you find some answers:

  • Codes & Ordinances
    Codes & Ordinances
    The City follows the International Code Council and Unified Development Code for land development and construction projects. Read More
  • Document Search
    Document Search
    To find a document item, simply type in more or more of the fields and press SEARCH to see the resource options available. Read More
  • FAQ
    We have collected the most commonly asked questions during a development project and categorized them by topic, so you can easily find answers. Read More
  • Forms and Applications
    Forms & Applications
    We have information bulletins, forms, applications and checklists for various development projects that you can use to guide you every step of the way. Read More
  • Information Bulletins (IB's)
    Codes, requirements and development processes can change, and we share these changes in our official Information Bulletins. Search our database now. Read More
  • Maps
    From the Zoning Districts to the Flood Plain, the City’s Geographic Information Services (GIS) Department has the maps you need to reference. Read More
  • Reports
    We publish reports weekly, monthly, for the calendar year and based on the fiscal year on utility releases, plans submitted, and permits issued. Read More
  • Top 10 Developer Delays
    Top 10 Developer Delays
    We’ve also collected the top 10 most common delays to a project and provided ways to not encounter them or get through them. Read More
  • Training
    Dsd academy
    Permits and their applications can seem complicated. To help you, we developed a series of training videos on some of the more common ones. Read More
  • Short Term Rentals
    Short Term Rentals
    Information, applications and forms to register your short term rentals. Read More