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Published on Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Chaining of dogs illegal in San Antonio

Recent revisions to local animal laws encourages humane tethering

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SAN ANTONIO (November 7, 2017)- Last month’s City Council vote on progressive revisions to the community’s local animal laws includes a ban on all chain tethering of dogs. The enhancement was one of several to the Chapter 5 animal ordinance aimed at increasing responsible pet ownership by promoting humane practices.

Keeping a pet on a chain tether may seem like a good idea--especially if a resident lives in a home without a fenced yard or a fence in poor repair. Some owners consider their animals “guard dogs” and restrict their pet’s movement in a misguided and potentially dangerous attempt to encourage territorial behavior. In fact, experts say continuously restricting a dog’s freedom to move around denies them the ability to engage in natural behaviors and proper socialization. That often leads to heightened aggression like continuous barking and biting which can be directed at anyone who comes near the dog.

Neck and back injuries as well as choking can be common when a pet is continuously tethered. Coated cable “tie outs” of varying sizes and trolley running lines are inexpensive, more humane options but owners are urged to not use tethering as a primary means of securing their dogs. Law mandates approved tethers must be attached to a dog’s properly fitting collar with a swivel style clip anytime they are used. 

Animal Care Services urges local residents who tether their dogs to heed the chain tether ban now in effect. It remains against city law for a dog to roam off its property. Fences, including gates and latches, should be kept in good condition and repairs can often be done with basic household supplies. Residents can log onto or the ACS Facebook page for more information on the new Chapter 5 ordinance revisions.      

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