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Published on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pre-K 4 SA Partners with Edgewood ISD

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February 19, 2019                                                                                                        


Gardendale Elementary first to replicate the Pre-K 4 SA proven program on-site

Pre-K 4 SA and Edgewood Independent School District formalized a partnership to leverage state funding and create a capacity building program at Gardendale Elementary School, following approvals from both boards today. The innovative SB 1882 partnership is designed to create greater capacity for high-quality early childhood education in prekindergarten through second grades in the partner school district.

Pre-K 4 SA has worked side by side with Edgewood ISD administration and teachers to develop a plan for replicating Pre-K 4 SA’s proven practices in Gardendale classrooms. The collaboration is building upon existing processes to create a model that is both sustainable and replicable throughout the district.

“This partnership is another step toward Pre-K 4 SA’s long-term mission to positively impact early childhood learning across San Antonio,” Pre-K 4 SA CEO Sarah Baray said. “This partnership creates greater access to high-quality, innovative curriculum and helps provide additional seats for the 25,000 four-year-olds in San Antonio.”

The Gardendale Pre-K 4 SA Early Learning Program will offer prekindergarten and kindergarten under the professional guidance of Pre-K 4 SA beginning in August of the 2019-2020 academic school year as made possible by state funding available through the SB 1882 partnership. First and second grade classrooms will be added the following year. Priority enrollment will be offered to families within the Gardendale Elementary School boundaries, followed by families within the Edgewood district. Remaining seats will be offered to out-of-district families.

“As a partner school district, Edgewood ISD has seen first-hand the positive impact of Pre-K 4 SA by benefiting from its Competitive Grants Program and Professional Learning Department,” Edgewood ISD Superintendent Eduardo Hernández said. “Studies have shown the success of Pre-K 4 SA’s model education centers and highlighted the long-term, positive effects of high-quality instruction in pre-k through third grade classrooms across San Antonio. We see this collaboration with Pre-K 4 SA as a critical step to amplify results for children in our district and throughout our city.”

In total, the partnership will support three prekindergarten classrooms and four kindergarten classrooms at Gardendale in the upcoming academic year. The classrooms will mirror the appearance used at Pre-K 4 SA’s award-winning education centers.

“Pre-K 4 SA is delivering on our commitment to the citizens of San Antonio that approved our program in 2012,” Pre-K 4 SA Board Chair Elaine Mendoza said. “This is an extension of our six year partnership with Edgewood ISD which even today provides professional learning and grants to improve early childhood learning taking place outside of our centers.”

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