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Published on Friday, September 20, 2019

Town Hall Series on Gun Violence and Mass Shootings Concludes with Both Disagreements and Discovery of Some Common Ground

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SAN ANTONIO (September 20, 2019) — San Antonio City Councilman Manny Peláez, District 8, recently concluded his three-part Town Hall series on Gun Violence and the Mass Shootings Epidemic with the final installment, entitled Public Policy.


Formatted as a listening session, this forum provided the general public the opportunity to voice concerns and ask their elected officials how they plan to address and reduce gun violence and mass shootings. State Representative Ray Lopez, Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Councilwoman Andrews-Sullivan, Councilwoman Cabello Havrda and Councilman Courage sat on the panel to speak on their approaches to addressing gun violence and field audience questions.


“The goal of this Town Hall series was not to prescribe a predetermined solution but to take a deep dive into the many moving parts around the issue of gun violence and public response, to host a forum geared for respectful dialogue and to give the public an opportunity to both express their views and hear from their public safety leaders and elected officials,” said Councilman Peláez. “We as a community met that mark and were reminded that the ability to engage in constructive dialogue is one of our best tools to find common ground from which to move forward.”


While stark disagreements were expected at the onset of the event, there was some common ground discovered by elected officials, 2nd amendment advocates and members of Mom’s Demand Action and Students Demand Action, such as the suggestion that the State legislature enforce penalties for falsely filing a 4473 Firearm Transaction Form.


“Many came to this event expecting it to be an anti-gun rally or a pro-gun rally. Rather, when we put aside the generalizations and hear from those with differing views we discovered that there were areas of agreement on some common-sense steps policymakers could take to address gun violence and mass shootings” said Councilman Peláez. “Though this was the final town hall, the conversation doesn’t end here. It is my hope that we can continue keeping an open mind to hearing out others in our community with a focus on what we agree on instead of what we disagree on.”