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Published on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Councilman Medina: Statement on District Court Ruling

SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 8, 2015) — Judge Tanner’s ruling is a clear message that we should take a step back and re-evaluate our legal strategy.  In January, I submitted a Council Consideration Request (CCR) to revoke the lawsuit against our first responders.  Councilmembers Lopez, Warrick, Gonzales and Viagran joined me in supporting the request.  Unfortunately, the CCR was never thoroughly and openly discussed, and as a result, we are facing rejection of our legal arguments from a fair and impartial judge.  

My thinking then is the same today.  The lawsuit unnecessarily inflamed a very difficult and contentious negotiation.  It also sent a very bad message that it's ok to sue members of our own City family; the very ones who swore an oath to serve, protect and defend its citizens. That’s not the type of City we are, and we should not have sued police officers and firefighters to throw out an agreement that City leadership previously signed and executed in good faith. 

I am requesting for the City Council to openly discuss the lawsuit at the next available meeting date.  We should have a public debate on the merits of the lawsuit and our support for our first responders.  We were elected to make tough decisions.  We should do so in front of the community and take a public stand on the lawsuit and the tax dollars spent on an unsuccessful legal strategy.

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