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Published on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Councilman Krier: Ruling Not a Surprise — and Not a Reason to Drop Lawsuit

SAN ANTONIO (Dec. 8, 2015) — The following is Councilman Joe Krier’s statement on Judge Martha Tanner’s ruling Monday regarding the constitutionality of the “evergreen clause” in the police and firefighters’ labor contracts.

“While yesterday’s ruling was disappointing, it was not a surprise. Because of the serious state constitutional issue at the heart of this lawsuit, we believe the Texas Supreme Court will ultimately decide this case — and do so in favor of the City of San Antonio. The unions’ claims of victory are premature. 

“This should come as no surprise at all to City Council members. We have been fully briefed on the City’s legal strategy and the likelihood that this case is headed to the State’s highest court through a series of appeals. Let’s not use Judge Tanner’s ruling as an opportunity to play politics with this process.

“We have too much at stake to end this litigation. We’re facing a police union that has refused a more than fair offer from the City. As a result, we’re saddled with a contract that threatens eventually to squeeze out other basic services, such as streets, drainage, and parks.”

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