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The Eastside of San Antonio is a diverse, bilingual community with some of the city's oldest and most distressed neighborhoods. The area was once a thriving community and the heart of the city's African-American Community. In his 2014 State of the Union Address, President Obama announced the selection of the Eastside of San Antonio as one of the first five Promise Zones. This national place-based initiative is intended to revitalize high-poverty communities by creating jobs, increasing economic activity, improving educational opportunities, reducing violent crime, leveraging private capital, and assisting local leaders in navigating federal programs. The aim is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their zip codes, has equal access to opportunity and prosperity. 


The Promise Zone is a 10-year federal designation that does not come with federal funding. However, it does come with the following benefits: (1) federal staff support to help connect local leaders with resources, (2) five AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, (3) Technical Assistance and preferred access or extra points on various federal funding streams, and (4) business hiring tax credits/incentives, if enacted by Congress.


The Eastside Promise Zone is located immediately to the east of downtown San Antonio. It consists of 22 sq. miles, 19 census tracts and 10 zip codes. As of the 2016 US Census, it is home to 75,159 residents, 24,788 households, 9.8% unemployment rate, 33.6% poverty rate, and 30.1% of residents over age 25 do not have a high school diploma. To target our efforts, the City and the Promise Zone partners are focusing the initial efforts in EastPoint – a 4-square mile area inside the Promise Zone that makes up the combined footprint of the Promise Neighborhood and Choice Neighborhood grants.


San Antonio is implementing a Collective Impact model to achieve measurable outcomes in the Promise Zone. There are over 20 partners working together to achieve a shared vision, which is: By 2025, EastPoint will be a vibrant, mixed-income community, rich in diversity and opportunity, catalyzing progress throughout the Eastside. To ensure coordination, a three-tier governance structure was established which includes a Coordinating Council chaired by the Mayor, an Executive Committee, and multiple workgroups/task forces. The City created the Office of EastPoint in 2014 to serve as the backbone agency to coordinate and align city services with community priorities.


The Promise Zone currently has about $90 million in federal investments.

  • $29.75M – Choice Neighborhood Grant that is managed by the San Antonio Housing Authority
  • $20M – CDBG & HOME funds to leverage SAHA’s Choice Neighborhood grant managed by the City
  • $23.7M – Promise Neighborhood Grant managed by the United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County
  • $920,000 – Byrne Criminal Justice Grant managed by both SAHA and the United Way
  • $17.4M – Obtained by various local agencies due to Promise Zone preference points

Promise Zone Communities

Promise Zone Application

Promise Zone zip codes

Boundary Zip Code Boundary Zip Code Boundary Zip Code
Promise Zone 78218 Promise Zone   78219 Promise Zone  78215 
Promise Zone 78208 Promise Zone  78202 Promise Zone  78205 
Promise Zone 78220 Promise Zone  78203  Promise Zone  78210 
Promise Zone  78222        

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