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Health, Life, Disability

Additional Life Insurance

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New hires have Basic Term Life and AD&D coverage provided at 1x annual salary provided as guarantee issue at no cost. Additionally, new hires may elect additional supplemental life insurance in increments of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x one's annual salary. If you choose to sign-up for more than 2x your annual salary in additional life insurance, you are required to complete an evidence of insurability (EOI) questionnaire.

Yes, just complete separate beneficiary designation forms.

Basic Life Insurance

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The basic life insurance is equal to your annual base salary. The AD&D insurance is also equal to one time your annual base salary in the event your death is a result of an accident. For information regarding dismemberment benefits, contact Human Resources Customer Service at 210.207.8705.

Yes, if more than one primary beneficiary is selected, proceeds will be allocated in equal amounts, unless you state a specific percent.

This is a secondary beneficiary in the event the primary beneficiary passes away before a life insurance claim is paid out.

You may change as often as needed. You may wish to update your beneficiary if you have a marriage, divorce or death of a beneficiary.


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The City currently offers two dental plans: SafeGuard Dental HMO administered by MetLife and CitiDent PPO administered by MetLife.
No. You can select a coverage level based on your personal needs.

The CitiDent PPO plan does not require a separate enrollment form. If you select the SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO plan, a SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO Enrollment form must be completed.

The CitiDent PPO plan does not require use of a network. SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO directories are available.

Upon enrollment in either plan, identification cards will be issued to you. If you do not have an ID card, you may give the provider your social security number and the proper phone number for verification of benefits. SafeGuard/MetLife DHMO and CitiDent PPO eligibility can be reached at 1.800.880.1800.

Deferred Compensation (457 Plan)

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The minimum contribution is $10 per pay period.

The maximum contribution is $16,500 annually for 2010.

As you approach retirement, you may contribute additional amounts along with the maximum normal annual contribution under the catch up provision. Employees over age 50 may elect to contribute an additional $5,500. If an employee is within three years of normal retirement age, 2x the normal annual maximum may be deferred. This option may be taken only once per lifetime.

Monies can be withdrawn once an employee terminates employment with the City, either through retirement, termination or death. Unforeseeable emergency (subject to strict IRS guidelines) also is an option given to employees to withdraw funds available through the Plan. Small Balance Account Withdrawals - if you have an account balance of less than $5,000.00 and have not made contributions for 24 months or longer.

  • A sudden and unexpected illness or accident of yours or your dependent. 
  • A loss of, or damage to, your property due to an accident, disaster, destruction or theft (beyond insurance reimbursement). 
  • A similar extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstance beyond your control.
  • ICMA Retirement Corporation - 1.800.735.7202 
  • Nationwide Retirement Solutions - 1.877.677.3678)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

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An EAP offers free counseling to full-time employees and their household members to help them resolve personal matters which may affect their work performance or quality of life.

The EAP will provide six free counseling sessions per person per issue, unlimited issues, per year.

Yes, the EAP also provides one free consultation with an attorney per year, and offers counseling for financial and debt management issues.

Yes, all sessions are confidential.

Examples would include family problems, marital problems, drug and/or alcohol and dependency, depression, compulsive gambling, anger management, eating disorders, financial mismanagement, legal problems, anxiety, stress, tension, grief, child and adolescent problems, interpersonal problems with co-workers and supervisors, and parenting problems.

Contact the EAP at 1.800.735.2989 to schedule an appointment.

Extended Sick Leave Program

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The purpose of the Short Term Leave program is to provide regular full-time civilian employees extended sick leave benefits for non-job-related illnesses or injuries. To be eligible for this program, an employee must have completed the initial six-month probationary period and have been on leave for illness/injury for five consecutive work days.

You may contact your department's Human Resources Specialist.

The City provides, at no cost to the employee, a long term disability program to any full-time civilian employee that is unable to work as a result of a non-work related disability. Total benefits are calculated at 40% of salary, minus all offsets (i.e. Social Security, other coverage, etc.) Benefits may begin after 26 weeks of short term disability benefits.

The benefits are granted according to the following schedule

Years of Service 100% 80% 60% 5% 40%
6 months, but less than 1 year 0 0 6 7 13

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Currently there is no content available. Please check back soon or contact the adminstrator for assistance.


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Yes. Effective with health care reform, an eligible dependent includes a biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or foster who is under age 26. Validation information is required to add a dependent.
No, only spouse and eligible dependents may be added to your medical plan.
No, only legally adoptive children and children whom you are the legal guardian can be covered under the medical plan.
No, only a legal spouse (common law spouse with a certificate of informal marriage) is allowed to participate. Only biological children of the employee and stepchildren living in your home are allowed to participate in the medical plan.
The default insurance is the Value PPO at the employee only level of coverage. All elections must be made within 31 days of hire.
Yes, biological children of City employees are eligible to be covered.
Yes. You will need to sign a civilian Waiver of Coverage form from Employee Benefits before enrolling as a dependent on another City plan. Submit the signed civilian Waiver of Coverage form to your Human Resources Specialist.
No. You have 31 days to notify Human Resources Customer Service at (210) 207-8705 of the status change so that we can offer your former spouse the option to continue medical coverage through COBRA.
Once the City becomes aware of the qualifying event, coverage for the ex-spouse will retro-terminate to the divorce date and any medical claims paid for services will be refunded to the City. Any claims paid for dates of service after divorce date will be the employee's and/or ex-spouse's responsibility.
Medical coverage will be available through COBRA.
No. The only way to make mid-year changes to your benefits elections is if a qualifying event has taken place. The most common qualifying events are birth, marriage, divorce, death, and a spouse's gain (or loss) of employment.

Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS)

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TMRS is your retirement program. Contributing monthly to your individual account is a requirement if you are a full-time civilian.