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Employee Assistance Program

Find out all about the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Home-Ownership Program logo

Homeownership Programs

The City offers two programs specifically for employees to assist them with purchasing homes within a targeted area in San Antonio. The funds for these programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and upon renewal by the City Council during the annual budgeting process.

Homebuyer Education class 

The City hosts a monthly class that provides education to individuals who have homeownership as a goal. This class covers the entire home buying process with a special emphasis on the down-payment assistance programs offered by the City. The presentations will help attendees understand credit, how to get a mortgage loan from a lender, how to shop for a home, and what to expect during the process. This class is a first step for many people who want to become homeowners. Space in the class is limited, and seating must be reserved in advance.

  • Click here to reserve your seat in an upcoming Homebuyer Education Class. 
  • Haga clic aquí para reservar su asiento en una próxima clase de educación para compradores de vivienda en Español.
Homeownership Program for Employees (HOPE)

The Homeownership Program for Employees (HOPE) provides assistance to full-time civilian employee homebuyers by making a $5,000 or $10,000 0% interest or no payments second loan. This loan is forgiven over five years and can be used for any combination of the down-payment required by your lender and some of the additional costs associated with purchasing a home. Only homes located in the Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) area or the Inner City Reinvestment/Infill Policy (ICRIP) area are eligible for this program.

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First Responders Homebuyer Assistance Program (FRHAP)

The First Responders Homebuyer Assistance Program (FRHAP) provides assistance to uniform police and fire employees by making a 0% interest or no payments second loan in an amount of $7,500 or $15,000. The second loan can be used for any combination of the down-payment required by your lender and some of the additional costs associated with purchasing a home. Only homes located in the Community Revitalization Action Group (CRAG) area are eligible for $15,000.

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homeownership incentive program (HiP)

The Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP) provides assistance to homebuyers by lending up to $12,000 or up to $15,000 as a 0% interest / no payments second loan which can be used for the down-payment required by your lender and some of the additional costs associated with purchasing a home. 75% of the loan will be forgiven over a 10-year period. Only homes located within the city limits of San Antonio are eligible for this program. 

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If you are interested in participating in either of these programs or would like more information, contact Pamela Smith at 210.207.5429. 

Short-Term Disability

The City offers, at no cost to eligible, full-time employees, a disability program with sick leave benefits for non-job-related illnesses or injuries. This program provides employees with a percentage of their salary based on years of service for a maximum of 26 weeks if unable to work as a result of a non-work related disability.

The amount of benefits shall be determined according to the following schedule:

                                                            # of Weeks of Short-Term Disability Benefits 
                                                                                  % of Compensation

Years of Service  100% 80% 60% 50% 40%
6 months, but less than 1 year 13
1 year, but less than 5 years 4 13   
5 years, but less than 10 years 2 4 8 12  
10 years, but less than 15 years 4 13     
15 years or more  6     13     

Example: An employee with 1 year of service receives 4 weeks of benefits at 80%, 9 weeks of benefits at 60%, and 13 weeks of benefits tat 50%. The employee shall no longer receive short term disability benefits after 26 weeks.

Home-Ownership Program logo

student loan payment program

The City is proud to offer a Student Loan Payment Program to full-time civilian employees and City Council aides. In partnership with our vendor,, those who sign up for the Program will receive a $50 payment toward the principal of an eligible student loan. The City will make this payment directly to your student loan account (loan servicer) each month. 

To sign up for this benefit, visit (using Google Chrome) to get started. Once you have successfully registered for the Program, monthly payments will be made to your eligible student loan account (loan servicer) for as long as you remain a full-time civilian City employee or City Council Aide. Note: The payment will begin the month after you sign up for the Program.   

important things to know

For full details about the City's Student Loan Program, check out the Let's Talk About and Frequently Asked Questions documents below. We have also listed a few key things for you to know about this new program.

  • The City's monthly payments to your student loan account (loan servicer) do not take the place of your regular payments. You are still responsible for making your monthly minimum student loan payments.
  • Loans that qualify for this program include: U.S.-based federal and private student loans that are in your name and were used for your education. Loans for a spouse or child are not eligible for this Program.
  • The City's monthly loan payment is subject to federal, FICA, local withholding taxes, and TMRS. It will also be reflected on your paystub and W-2.

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If you have any questions about the Student Loan Payment Program, payments, setting up or managing your account, contact's support team for assistance. They can be reached at 855.353.9395 or  


Training and development within the City of San Antonio is focused on creating and delivering the most impactful opportunities for employees to reach their career potential. Find out more about Training.

Tuition Assistance

The City of San Antonio is committed to assisting employees with reaching their professional development and educational goals. Not only do employees have access to the City’s robust training program for free, but they can also utilize the City’s Tuition Assistance Program.

Open to all regular, full-time civilian employees, grant-funded employees, and police and fire academy trainees, the Tuition Assistance Program is intended to provide financial assistance to eligible employees for some of the tuition expenses associated with their college education. Reimbursements are tied to the University of Texas at San Antonio’s tuition rate for a four-year institution and the Alamo Colleges rate for a two-year institution. Some highlights of the Tuition Assistance Program are below:    

  • Reimbursement is available for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses or career and technical school certificate programs taken from an accredited institution in a classroom or online.    
  • You can receive tuition reimbursement for a maximum of six credit hours per enrollment period, up to a maximum of 18 credit hours per fiscal year.
  • Courses or certificate programs should relate to the development of your career opportunities within the City.
  • You must submit your Tuition Assistance Program Application* within 45 days from the date grades are posted.

 Tuition Assistance Program


% Reimbursement







 D / F


Full details about the Tuition Assistance Program, including roles and responsibilities, program guidelines, and required documentation, can be found in Administrative Directive 4.77, Tuition Assistance Program. If you have any questions about this program, contact your department’s Employee Relations team.  

Tuition Assistance Program Brochure
Tuition Assistance Program Application*

*Note: The Tuition Assistance Program Application is only available if using a device connected to the City of San Antonio network.

VIA Bus Pass Program

VIA logoRegular full-time and part-time employees who plan on traveling to work on a VIA mainline bus or streetcar have the opportunity to purchase an annual VIA Bus Pass, if available. The price of the bus pass is based on a tiered pricing structure. Should you lose your bus pass, you may purchase a replacement pass, if available. Law enforcement and firefighters do not need a bus pass, as they can simply show their badge/City ID to receive complimentary rides. 

New hires or employees who did not register for a 2021 VIA Bus Pass in the fall but would still like to obtain one should contact Human Resources Customer Service at 210.207.8705 to be added to the bus pass waiting list.