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  • Lori Steward 
    Human Resources Director

EMC membersThe Employee Management Committee (EMC) was established by ordinance in August 2004 to provide a structured communication process by which the City and its employees can discuss matters pertaining to wages, hours of work, and other conditions of employment.


current emc members 

Category Member Organization
One representative from each registered employee organization Sheri Van Horsen
Rudy Rosales
Roger Arnold
Henry Bassuk            
Roger Tamez           
One city employee member of each registered employee organization, as designated by the registered employee organization. Patricia Reck
Alma Cunningham
Cresencio Sandoval
Robert Jones
Roger Tamez                      
Representative from City Manager's Office Renee Frieda            Interim HR Director
Representative from Human Resources Department Bill Palmer            Interim Assistant HR Director
Three Department Directors

Tomika Monterville
Jorge Perez
Heber Lefgren

Building & Equipment Services
Animal Care Services 
One employee from each EEO Category (currently held by AFSCME) Victoria Garcia
Rachel Cavazos
David Owens
Ivan Munoz                
Stephen Paez
Romelia Parvinchi 
Elizabeth Rios                       
Skilled Craft
Protective Services

Victoria Garcia

Victoria Garcia, who is an Employee Management Committee (EMC) member representing the professionals category, has been with the City for 16 years. She works as a contract officer and sustainability liaison for the Arts & Culture Department. Victoria has been involved in San Antonio's arts and culture community for the majority of her life, and she is a strong advocate for artists and arts organizations, from the small community artist-run collaboratives to the larger institutions.

Victoria currently serves on the board of the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative, which has been providing education, training, advocacy, and coalition-building to effectively respond and assist people in domestic violence situations for the past 35 years. As an LGBTQ ally, she serves on the board of the San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a 501c(3) dedicated to community service, fundraising, outreach, advocacy, and education for safer sex awareness, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Victoria serves on the EMC, because as a lifelong activist, she strives to advocate for better working conditions, benefits, and overall quality of life for her City colleagues and the community at large. 

Rachel Cavazos

Rachel has been working with the City for five years, and she serves as an assistant teacher with the Pre-K 4 SA Department at the south education center. Rachel enjoys building relationships and networking to create stronger, self-sufficient families, communities, and workspaces. In addition to her work at the City, she is also a Texas Master Gardener through the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and a census ambassador.

Rachel serves on the Employee Management Committee as a representative for the paraprofessional category and is an advocate for all City employees.

Ivan Munoz

Ivan Munoz has been with the City since April 2019. He began his career as a Maintenance Worker with the Convention & Sports Facilities Department, and in August 2020, Ivan began participating in the City’s Apprentice Program with the Solid Waste Management Department. Through this program, he has become a licensed CDL driver and moved into a Side Load Equipment Operator position. 

Ivan serves on the EMC to help further the City’s relationship with its employees. has been with the City of San Antonio since May 1988. In addition to his current position with the Aviation Department, which he has held for two years, he has also worked in the Public Works and Convention and Visitors Bureau Departments.


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