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7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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  • Lori Steward 
    Human Resources Director

The Employee Management Committee (EMC) was established by ordinance in August 2004 to provide a structured communication process by which the City and its employees can discuss matters pertaining to wages, hours of work, and other conditions of employment.

2019 EMC Election

The EMC is made up of three department directors on a rotating basis, the City Manager or designee, the Human Resources Director or designee, employee association representatives, and one employee representative from each of the seven represented Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) categories. The Ordinance requires that members of the EMC be elected and serve for a period of three years. 

An election to select EEO category representatives will be held in October. Representation may be by either a registered employee association or an individual employee. Anyone interested in representing their EEO category on the EMC must submit a petition to the City Clerk's Office with signatures representing a minimum of 10% of the employees in their respective EEO category. Signatures may be collected from July 1 - September 30.


current emc members 

Category Member Organization
One representative from each registered employee organization Ogden Chamberlain
Rudy Rosales
Roger Arnold
Henry Bassuk            
Roger Tamez           
SEIU Texas
One city employee member of each registered employee organization, as designated by the registered employee organization. Dexter Katzman
Alma Cunningham
Cresencio Sandoval
SEIU Texas
Representative from City Manager's Office Lori Steward HR Director
Representative from Human Resources Department Renee Frieda Assistant HR Director
Three Department Directors

David McCary
Jorge Perez
Mike Frisbie

Solid Waste Management
Building & Equipment Services
Transportation & Capital Improvements
One employee from each EEO Category (currently held by SEIU) Jessica Ambris
Karen Kuppers
Dee Lim
Richard Pena                 
Arturo Reyes
Romelia Parvinchi
Skilled Craft
Protective Services

Dee Lim

Dee Lim

Dee Lim has been with the City of San Antonio since May 1988. In addition to his current position with the Aviation Department, which he has held for two years, he has also worked in the Public Works and Convention and Visitors Bureau Departments.

Along with his service to the City of San Antonio, Dee served in both the Army and Texas National Guard for a total of 24 years. Over the course of his military career, he was deployed to both the Balkans and to the Middle East. Dee and his wife, Cynthia, have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Melissa and Jasmine. Melissa is married and has three children, and Jasmine attends San Antonio College.

As a proud San Antonio native, Dee looks forward to working with his fellow City employees and management to help create a better San Antonio.

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