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Learn, Train, Grow

Training and development are focused on creating and delivering the most impactful opportunities for City employees to reach their career potential. There are several core development principles that serve as the foundation for all learning. Across the City of San Antonio, we: 

  • Leverage current job assignments as the primary sources of employee development. 
  • Offer supplemental opportunities to learn professional, managerial, leadership, trade, technical, and language skills through City-wide course offerings. 
  • Measure capabilities and develop employees based on City-wide standards
  • Provide annual development plans throughout an employee’s career. 
  • Share feedback regularly and recognize and re-enforce performance standards.

Online Training & Virtual Presentations

Online Training Registration

Through Moodle, you can register online to attend a training class. Be sure to obtain your supervisor's approval before registering. If you have any questions, contact your Employee Relations team.

Online Registration Tools

Virtual presentations


Password: Expo2020


Password: Expo2020   

GED Prep (PDF)
Lunch & Learn Program
Schools/Programs Guide
Spanish Language Scholarship Program
Supervisor Excellence Training (SET) Academy - Need to be on the COSA network to access this link.
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Women's Leadership Mentoring Program
Upgrade Program

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