Women's Leadership Mentoring Program

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Monday - Friday
7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Women's Leadership Mentoring Program

About the Program

In an effort to have women be represented in the City of San Antonio’s leadership ranks the way they are in the overall workforce of the organization, the Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program (WLMP) was launched in 2014. WLMP strives to develop and encourage female leaders within the City organization.



The foundation of WLMP is built on five key goals:

  1. Ensure professional growth and development to benefit individuals and the organization
  2. Provide an avenue for women in the organization to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities
  3. Provide networking opportunities to enhance teamwork in the organization
  4. Promote an environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions in the organization
  5. Create a pool of internal candidates and strengthen organizational succession planning
How it works

The Program is geared toward mid-level female professionals and managers who are preparing for executive leadership positions within the City organization. Each year, several hundred employees are invited to apply for approximately 30 openings.

Once selected, program participants are paired with a female City executive for a year-long, one-on-one mentoring relationship. They also attend a speaker series featuring local women leaders and participate in a group project that benefits the City organization. WLMP strives to develop talented female employees who are ready to take on leadership; removing barriers to women advancing in their careers; encouraging best practices; and retaining promising talent.


2018 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award from WTS International (See page 10)

Participants & Mentors

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