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    Chief Equity Officer
  • Jonathan MalagonContact Jonathan Malagon
    Equity Manager
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    Equity Manager
  • Jonathan ButlerContact Jonathan Butler
    Equity Manager
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    Senior Administrative Assistant

Welcome to the Office of Equity

The Office of Equity works to dismantle systemic racism in government.

The Office of Equity stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

In order to effect much-needed systems transformation, the Office of Equity is working within City government to dismantle all forms of racism, supporting City Departments' responses to equity related community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we track and help advance the nationwide movement for racial justice. We do this by providing technical assistance and training to City Departments using tools such as the Equity Rapid Response Tool, the Racial Equity Indicators Report, and the Equity Matrix.

Learn more about organizations working to effect lasting change for racial justice in our community and across the country by visiting sites such as Black Lives Matter, Movement for Black Lives, and Fix SAPD. An additional list of San Antonio social justice organizations can be found here.

The Office of Equity is a citywide office focused on advancing social equity and dismantling racism within City Government, to help reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities experienced by our most marginalized San Antonio residents. We do this through supporting City Departments in normalizing concepts of equity, organizing staff to work together for transformational change, and operationalize new practices, policies and procedures that are equity oriented.

Our large initiatives include facilitating a Citywide Equity Committee, training City staff to become Equity Trainers, and conducting Department-wide Equity Assessments to help every Department create Equity Action Plans.

Equity means that our policy-making, service delivery, and distribution of resources account for the different histories, challenges, and needs of the people we serve. The Office of Equity recognizes that it will take transformational shift within government to truly address disparities experienced by communities of color and low income communities, and therefore we focus our efforts on elevating the understanding of what it takes to advance equity within every City Department. We believe that equity is everyone's job, and our office provides training, technical assistance and equity specific tools to all of our City Departments and the staff employed there.

The Office of Equity honors and stands in solidarity with grassroots organizers and all of the people of color and white anti-racist allies who take to the streets to demand change and fight for justice. We track community demands and help push for change from the inside. 

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