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Welcome to the city of san antonio's office of equity

The City of San Antonio’s mission is to deliver quality services and commit to achieve San Antonio’s vision of prosperity for our diverse, vibrant, and historic community. The Office of Equity works across the organization and with community partners to maximize the City’s impact towards San Antonio’s vision of prosperity. We aim to normalize concepts of social and racial justice withing city government; organize staff around advancing equity in their Departments, and operationalize equitable policies, programs and procedures within city government. 

Four annual goals currently drive the Office of Equity’s work:

  1. Advance equity in budgeting, community engagement, and high priority service delivery
  2. Build awareness and involvement in the office through transformational community engagement
  3. Collaborate with other institutions to achieve San Antonio’s vision of prosperity
  4. Improve services for community members submitting discrimination complaints

Equity means that our policy-making, service delivery, and distribution of resources account for the different histories, challenges, and needs of the people we serve. Equity differs from equality, which treats everyone the same despite disparate outcomes.

The long-term impact of the work of the office is three-fold: 

  • City services will make the greatest impact towards San Antonio’s vision of prosperity; 
  • the City will actively foster a mission-driven culture, aligning everyday work with the core values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and innovation; and 
  • residents will increasingly trust that the City is responsive and accountable to the community
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer + Communities

As part of the City's commitment to equity and inclusion for everyone, the Office of Equity works closely with Ivalis Meza, the Senior Policy Advisor, Deputy Communications Director, and Liaison to the LGBTQ+ Community in the Office of the Mayor. Staff from the Office of Equity participate in the Mayor's LGBTQ Advisory Committee, and continue to collaborate on events in the LGBTQ+ communities.

Government Alliance on Race and Equity

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) is a national membership organization for jurisdictions committed to advancing equity. The City joined the network in 2017. For more information on advancing organizational equity, refer to GARE’s Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize Equity.

Office of Equity

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