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    Chief Equity Officer
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    Equity Manager
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  • Jonathan ButlerContact Jonathan Butler
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Office of Equity Key Priorities – Fiscal Years 2020-2022

Normalize,Organize, Operationalize

Annual Report

The Equity Annual Report provides an overview of our initiatives’ progress and development during the year.

Budget Equity Tool

Objective: Operationalize Racial and Economic Justice Budgeting Practices

  • The City of San Antonio Budget Equity Tool (BET) includes a set of questions to guide City Departments in assessing how their overall budget allocations benefit and/or burden communities, specifically communities of color and low-income communities.
  • The BET helps Departments identify opportunities for future efforts that could improve outcomes for low income communities and communities of color. 
  • View the Budget Equity Tool.

City of San Antonio Equity Atlas – Online Equity Maps

To inform our work, guide our investments and work to achieve the citywide equity goals and strategies, the Office of Equity has created a simplified version of an Equity Atlas and Matrix, or equity ranking index and set of maps, that can be used to help rank many of our internal lists that relate to projects, programs and even procedures. This project has been created in collaboration with our Planning Department and with help from the GIS team at the Information and Technology Services Department.

CItywide Equity COmmittee

Objective: Organize City Staff to Advance Equity Citywide

  • The Citywide Equity Committee (CEC) helps design, coordinate, and organize equity tools, plans and activities throughout the organization.
  • The CEC is facilitated by the Office of Equity and includes representatives from all City departments. 

Department Equity Assessments and Action Plans

Objective: Operationalize Equity Actions into all Department Work Plans

  • Each year, 8 Departments will complete comprehensive, Department-wide Equity Assessments of existing functions, policies, programs, and processes.
  • Department Equity Assessments will serve as the foundation for Department Equity Action Plans, which will include specific strategies and metrics to address assessment findings. 

Equity Train the trainer program

Objective: Normalize Equity Concepts and Terminology

  • The Office of Equity uses the “train-the-trainer” model to more effectively and efficiently train City staff on equity concepts.
  • Over 40 City employees are equipped to facilitate trainings on a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion topics for City staff on a regular basis.

Indicator Report

This Racial Equity Indicator Report demonstrates that people of color in San Antonio experience worse outcomes in health, education, employment, housing, and across many other metrics.

Technical Assistance, Trainings, Data

Objective: Operationalize Equitable Service Design and Delivery

  • The Office of Equity provides technical assistance to all Departments relating to advancing equity, as well as designs and facilitates tailored equity trainings.
  • The Office of Equity produces equity indicator reports and online demographic maps in order to centralize and effectively distribute relevant equity related data to internal and external stakeholders. 

Undesign the Redline Exhibit

The Office of Equity is very excited to announce that we are licensing the official Undesign the Redline exhibit for three months from February 10th – May 10th as an official interactive exhibit in our building lobby. This exhibit is a framework for unearthing our most deep, systemic and entangled crises.