Citywide Equity Committee


Mailing Address
PO Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283-3966



  • Zan GibbsContact Zan Gibbs
    Chief Equity Officer
  • Jonathan MalagonContact Jonathan Malagon
    Equity Manager
  • Amy CassoContact Amy Casso
    Equity Manager
  • Jonathan ButlerContact Jonathan Butler
    Equity Manager
  • Amanda Ireta-goode
    Contact Amanda Ireta-Goode
    Senior Administrative Assistant

Citywide Equity Committee

Organizing Equity Leaders across City Departments

What is the Citywide Equity Committee (CEC)?

The CEC is a group of City employees with 1-2 representatives from each Department convened to support the Office of Equity’s vision and mission for racial and economic equity in the City of San Antonio. In collaboration and coordination with Office of Equity (OE), the CEC will facilitate, coordinate, and lead a citywide effort to shift internal City culture by promoting the recognition and removal of economically and racially inequitable policies, practices and procedures, to achieve equitable outcomes in community.

The CEC launched on July 31, 2019, and meets monthly as convened by the Office of Equity.

What are the CEC’s Core Strategies?
  • Championing social justice and equity across Departments
  • Capacity-Building by supporting equity awareness and training
  • Coordinating the implementation of equity tools in Departments
  • Catalyzing equitable policies and practices
  • Creating analytical tools and reports on equity impacts/progress
CEC Curriculum Structure

Consistent with national best practice for developing equity core teams in government, CEC meetings are structured to include three key components for developing equity leadership and praxis across the core team:

  1. Community building and ongoing equity training
  2. Goal and priority setting, plan and tool development, and evaluation
  3. Review of COSA policies, programs, budgets and plans
Goal/Priority Setting, Tool Development & Evaluation
Equity Leadership & Praxis
Review COSA Policies, Programs, Budgets, & Plans
Community Building & Ongoing Equity Training