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Undesign the Redline Exhibit

February 10th through May 10th
International Center Lobby – 203 South St Mary’s
Free and open to the public, 7 days a week, 7am to midnight

The Office of Equity is very excited to announce that we are licensing the official Undesign the Redline exhibit for three months from February 10th – May 10th as an official interactive exhibit in our building lobby. This exhibit is a framework for unearthing our most deep, systemic and entangled crises. This interactive exhibit, workshop series and curriculum explores the history of structural racism and classism, how these designs compounded each other from 1938 Redlining maps until today, and how WE can come together to undesign these systems with intentionality.

For more information about the exhibit, please check out their website: Undesign the Redline

Undesign The Redline Exhibit

For additional information about redlining we suggest reading the book “The Color of Law”: The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

A 13 minute video that was recommended to us by Undesign the Redline is “Building the Troost Wall: Structural Racism in Kansas City”, as another tool to learn more about redlining: Building the Troost Wall: Structural Racism in Kansas City